Dear Beautiful, 10 Reasons To Love Yourself - Every Single Day!

Dear Beautiful, 10 Reasons To Love Yourself - Every Single Day!
Dear Beautiful,

Although there may be times you feel down and out - and not like your best self, you need to always remember how great you are! There is only one you in this world, and you’re amazing. So here are a few reasons you should love yourself…

Love, always.

1. Because no matter who comes and goes, you will always have yourself to count on!

love yourself 1

2. Because you have been blessed to be the person that you are. There is only one you - and you are unique.

3. Because self-love attracts the best kind of love, whether from a romantic partner or your friends and family!

love yourself 3

4. Because loving yourself also means that you want to take better care of yourself.

5. Because loving and accepting yourself as you are means complete happiness and bliss!

love yourself 5

6. Because there is no one else in this world who has your smile or laugh!

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7. Because although you may not think you’re perfect (and maybe none of us are), your parents are proud of you!

love yourself 7

8. Because it will help you stay confident and strong, even in the toughest of situations!

9. Because it will give you more power than you can imagine - it will liberate you and make you feel free!

love yourself 9

10. Because no matter what anyone else might say or make you feel, you are gorgeous! Inside and out - and you need to remember that. Always.

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