What Happens If You’ve Been Besties For 10 Years Or More? THIS!

What Happens If You’ve Been Besties For 10 Years Or More? THIS!
When you’ve been besties for more than a decade, there is nothing about each other that you don’t know! You’ve spent some of the most important years of your lives together - and you know each other inside out by now! Here are 14 things you will definitely get if you and your bestie have been inseparable for the last ten years!

1. Your conversations include a lot of “Remember that time when…”

And every single time, neither of you can help but crack up just as uncontrollably as you did the last time - even though you’re basically talking about the same thing.
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2. You just take for granted that your bestie will be a part of any crazy plan that you make…

You never actually call and ask for her consent. You just tell her what the scene is and ask her to be ready.

3. Going in and out of each other’s houses all the time is just a matter of routine!

And after all these years, both your families think of and treat you like twins!

friends for a long time

4. You have a bucketful of embarrassing pictures of each other

From days when you were both experimenting with new trends and weird hairstyles! And when all else fails, you use these pictures to blackmail the other!

5. You’re brutally honest with each other - but you are quite thankful for that!

You have literally seen each other grow up and transform into the people you are today. Having someone who can hold up a mirror to you and give you a reality check every now and then is a blessing!

friends for a long time

6. Any time you have a wardrobe emergency - you know where to go looking!

Be it for a date with a cute guy, or a last minute family function - in times of need, when you feel like you have nothing to wear - you know your best friend’s closet will save you!

7. You don’t feel shy about stripping in front of each other…

Not after you’ve handled each other at your craziest or even drunken worst.

friends for a long time

8. You kind of get a little annoyed when someone acts like they know her better than you do!

Like, really, you’re competing against ten years of pure love and insanity - NOTHING can match that!

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9. You two make it a point to hate the same people… Even if just for each other's sake.

“My bestie’s enemy is my enemy. Always.”

friends for a long time

10. You are also each others’ “boyfriend help central”

And the boyfriend also knows that he needs to keep the bestie happy - no two ways about it!

11. People cannot dare to bitch about one in front of the other

Unless swift, sweet death is what they desire, of course.

friends for a long time

12. You know exactly what your bestie is thinking because of the expression on her face…

“You are making that grumpy face. What happened? Tell me!”

13. She’s the one person you actually demand a birthday gift from - every year!

And she makes it a point to save up for it too!

friends for a long time

14. You know she’ll always be there for you… No matter what.

Even when you have a husband and children! Because the two of you are meant to grow old together and keep each other sane through life.

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