message for my future husband

Dear Future Husband, A Few Little Things I Might Do… Sorry!!!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Dear Future Husband,

I hope and wish that we make each other very very happy. After all, we do have a long time to spend together! But there are somethings that I want to apologize for in advance. I know I do these things, but I also know these are things I just won’t be able to change about myself!! (And I’m not sure that I want to either!) So…sorry in advance! (And I’m sure you’ll accept my apology - after all, I WILL love you with all my heart!!)

Yours forever,

1. For throwing a random tantrum sometimes when I don’t get my way…

And expecting you to just understand!

message for my future husband

2. Taking a while to get ready…

And getting mad at you for getting mad at me for being late!

3. Being too lazy to cook an actual meal!

I’m lazy, but maybe you can try your hand in the kitchen?! :P

message for my future husband

4. For fighting with you over something really small…

And expecting you to make the first move towards making up!

5. And not giving you as much space as you’d like after we have a heated argument!

I just kind of want to make up ASAP. So come talk to me, na?!

message for my future husband

6. For forcing you to watch exactly what you don’t want to watch on TV!

Come on, you know you secretly enjoy all that drama!

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7. For all the scratches your arm has to endure when we watch a scary movie together!

Hehe, I’ll fix it, I promise!

message for my future husband

8. For making a complete and utter mess of the room while trying to pick my clothes!

You know it’s hard to decide what to wear. Especially when I’m going out with you. ;-)

9. For being a little bit of a brat sometimes…

You can talk to my parents about that. They’re the one’s who spoilt me, after all! :P

message for my future husband

10. For wanting you all to myself a lot of times…

Because that is my favourite time. :-)

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Published on Jan 11, 2016
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