11 Things You'll Totally Get If Your Boyfriend Is Punjabi!

11 Things You'll Totally Get If Your Boyfriend Is Punjabi!

"Punjabion ki toh baat hi aur hoti hai!" You really never got any of this - until you met your boyfriend! Here are some things you will get if your boyfriend is Punjabi. And, of course, by association, you'll also become a bit Punjabi only!

1. You don’t feel too nervous about being invited for dinner to his place.

Sure, you have to meet his parents, but hey! YUMMY food!

2. You know you don’t need to worry about letting go and having a few drinks when you’re with him!

No matter how much he might drink, he will never be more drunk than you are, EVER - so you can count on him to take care of you! punjabi boyfriend

3. All that Punjabi talk is just too sexy.

You thought Italian guys were supposed to be smooth? You haven't had a Punjabi boy flirt with you yet!

4. You end up celebrating some amazing festivals!

Lodi, Teej, Baisakhi… Punjabi celebrations are just too much fun!

5. He's a pro at dancing…and probably better than you at most times.

If a guy can do the bhangra, he can do anything! punjabi boyfriend

6. You never have to worry about him feeling awkward around your friends.

He's so outgoing and funny that he makes friends easily wherever he goes!

7. He's the life of the party!

And once your friends get to know him well enough, they almost look forward to meeting him more than you! new_in_story_banner_500px

8. But he's also a family guy - and you love that about him!

Nothing is more important to him than his family and he loves chilling with them! punjabi boyfriend

9. When you guys have a fight, it's quite a blow-out.

He's a passionate person and he's not afraid to talk about his feelings - especially when he's hurt.

10. But he can never stay mad for too long.

As quickly as he gets angry, he also gets back to normal. Once he lets go of his anger, more often than not he's the one who cheers you up!

11. If he does something, he does it with all his heart. Or not at all!

His honesty and dedication are some things you love most about him! Because like everything else he does, he also loves you with all his heart. <3 GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here!

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