9 Things You'll Totally Get If You're An Aquarius Girl!

9 Things You'll Totally Get If You're An Aquarius Girl!
You are compassionate and strong - and never fail to get your point across in the most calm and cool manner. You, Aquarius, are a woman of many talents - and here are a few things you will totally get!

1. You like to know everything in detail…

There is nothing that annoys you more than knowing an incomplete version of anything! You like to do thorough research and be on top of your game - always.

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2. Which is why you’re always well-informed…

And ready to take on a debate on just about any topic!

3. You’re told that you get “lost in your own world” all too often!

Yes, well, you do get stuck in your head sometimes and go into a zone of your own. But that’s also when you come up with some of the best thoughts and ideas that you’ve ever had. So it’s kind of worth it!

aquarius woman

4. You think about making the world a better place at least once a day…

And you know that it starts from yourself. So you always try and do good deeds and help others whenever you can!

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5. You don’t particularly like talking about emotions

Which is why a lot of people end up thinking that you’re kinda cold - but the truth is that you’re not! You just take your time opening up. In fact, when you get close enough to someone, you’re the warmest person there can be!

aquarius woman

6. You also like to stay as far away from any sort of conflict as possible

Confrontation and conflict are just not things you have ever taken to. You like to stay as far away from fights and quarrels as possible. Even minor ones. But if someone pushes your buttons and actually gets you to lose your cool, good luck to them!

7. You are more than comfortable in your own skin!

You are confident and smart and not interested in doing things just to impress others. You do what you think is important and right - and never feel the need to do something you don’t actually believe in.

aquarius woman

8. You know how to communicate with just about anyone

You are just a natural born communicator and leader. You have a way of talking to people that calms them down in even their most angry moments - and you always get your point across. You’re clear and calm and you spread calm energy wherever you go.

9. You are a very strong-minded individual

Once you make up your mind about something, it is not easily changed. This might not always be a good thing, but in your case it always works out well. It gives you your strong will power and the strength to complete things that you start!

aquarius woman

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