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12 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Always Speak Your Mind!

12 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Always Speak Your Mind!
There are diplomatic people in the world, and then there are the ones who are...not. The ones who will say “Yes, you look fat in that dress” if it’s actually true. If you are one to not hold back your opinions about anything, you might relate to this list!

1. You don't have in-between people in your life.

You are always honest, hence people either completely love you or hate you to bits.

2. You are not one to shy away from a debate.

No matter how absurd your point of view is.

3. You are not afraid of making a fool of yourself.

In fact, you’ve been known to go out of your way to prove that there is no shame in being a fool.

4. People often assume that you are a bit rude.

And that you have a major ego problem. But that’s not true - all you’re doing is saying exactly what you think!

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5. You sometimes find yourself in awkward situations...

Because you don’t always know the “appropriate” thing to say.

6. When someone disagrees with you…

You’re not shy about defending your position. Even if it means getting a bit aggressive.

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7. People often ask for your opinion...

Because you value truth over other people’s feelings.

8. Or they never ask for it.

For the same reason!

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9. Your motto in life is "Honesty is the best policy".

This means that you won't hesitate to say something harsh if needed. What? It’s the truth!

10. Thanks to your plain-speaking, you appear to be a very confident person.

And people often ask where you get that confidence from.

11. You’re always ready to speak up for people who can’t do so for themselves.

You are the ever-present and loud voice of that shy, timid friend.

12. Aunties love to stare at you because of your outspokenness.

For that matter, the whole world does!

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