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15 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just LOVE To Talk!

15 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just LOVE To Talk!
Everyone has a hobby or passion - yours is talking! You love talking and make no bones about it. After all, it’s not as if everyone else doesn’t love listening to all your tales! Here are a few things you will totally get if you just LOVE talking.

1. You always, always, always make friends wherever you go!

2. Because well, obviously, you find something to talk about with everyone!

love talking 2

3. And because you do, you always find at least one friend in common with anyone you meet.

4. You manage to always keep yourself entertained - whether at a random party or even a boring social event.

love talking 4

5. Everyone you know - they know exactly what is going on in your life…

6. In fact, they’ve probably heard the same story a few times over…

love talking 6

7. But it’s fine, because you always find a new angle or twist to tell the story with!

8. Your phone bill is always more than you want it or expect it to be - and you have no idea how that keeps happening!

love talking 8

9. You can’t help but say exactly what’s on your mind at any given point of time…


10. Because of which you sometimes also end up getting into trouble!

love talking 10

11. But, hey, at least you always know how to diffuse an awkward situation…

12. In fact, there is rarely ever an awkward situation when you’re around. You always talk the awkwardness away!

love talking 12

13. Giving the silent treatment to anyone is a real task for you…

14. You really try very hard, but sooner or later you need or want to tell them something.

love talking 14

15. At least you never have the issue of keeping things bottled up and then exploding one fine day. You just let it out… And then you’re calm!

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