12 Things You'll Totally Get If You're From Chennai!

12 Things You'll Totally Get If You're From Chennai!
The weather, the food, the awesome people! You've been spoilt rotten by this city and probably will never ever want to leave any of it behind because of that! Here are the things you'll totally get if you're from Chennai!

1. What is winter?

You don't know this winter thing people speak of.

2. People know not to speak to you before you have coffee.

FILTER coffee, not that other lame stuff.

3. Nightlife basically consists of going to Hyatt 365.

AND by now you know everyone there by name, or at least face!

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4. Subway Nungambakkam, enough said.

Your student life was basically spent hanging out there.

5. Parties could easily go on till 5 in the morning!

This ain't no Bangalore!!

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6. Being addressed by terms like machan is totally normal!

It's your equivalent of "bro".

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7. Besant Nagar Beach makes you never want to leave this city.

Oh, and the number of times you went there just for the manga!

8. Music is in your bloodstream.

And you boast about A. R. Rahman every chance you get.

9. When others boast about South Indian food in their city…

You KNOW that they have no clue what real south Indian food is like!

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10. You can watch all the latest movies without it hurting your bank balance.

The maximum you would spend is Rs 120! MAXIMUM!!

11. While beach dates are super-glamorised in all the movies you see…

Guys really need to try harder to impress you with that!

12. Yes, you own at least, like, 3 (to 33) Kanchipuram silk saris.

Because they're just right for every kind of occasion!

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