9 Things You’ll Get If You Can’t Show Your Emotions Too Easily!

9 Things You’ll Get If You Can’t Show Your Emotions Too Easily!
Everyone has feelings and emotions - but some of us are just not great at showing them! The world basically runs on emotions - and when you have trouble showing emotions in such a world, you end up being the odd one out! Here are a few things you will totally get if you struggle with showing your emotions!

1. You kind of envy people who can cry their hearts out or can just express how angry they are actually feeling

It’s not like you don’t cry or get mad… It’s just that you can’t do it in front of people! Your eyes refuse to produce even a single teardrop, and your voice just never takes on a threatening, raging tone.

cannot show emotions

2. Which is why, all those unreleased emotions get bottled up deep inside...

And you’re pretty sure they’ll be the death of you - or someone else! After all, it’s gotta come out somewhere.

3. Being in a relationship is a real struggle for you in some ways

Any proclamations of love you make are in fact deeply felt by you - but your partner always has a hard time believing it with the lack of “emotions” accompanying the words! :/

cannot show emotions

4. And then there is PDA - which is just the worst for you!

Like, umm...it’s more uncomfortable than cute, you know? (Oh, yeah, you don’t know! FML)

5. Every time you try to pull an “awww”, it basically blows up in your face…

Because, well, everyone ends up thinking that you’re just being sarcastic or trying to make fun of a cute situation!

cannot show emotions

6. You’ve decided that “Ha-ha” is a perfectly okay reaction...

Especially when you don’t know what to say or the situation demands that you show your emotional side. “Oh, you’re not happy? Ha-ha!” To be fair, you can’t help it - you just get awkward!

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7. Situations where you need to comfort people actually make you kind of uncomfortable…

Because what are you supposed to say?! How do people do this?! *Panic attack*

cannot show emotions

8. Actually, too many compliments make you super awkward too...

Because to think of proper and appropriate responses to all those nice words is never easy! “Does this big, toothy smile say I am thankful?”

9. You often end up repeating conversations you’ve had with others in your head...

Except, you know, you load them up with some extra emotions this time!

cannot show emotions

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