Things ONLY A Little Sis Who Feels Like An Older One Will Get!

Things ONLY A Little Sis Who Feels Like An Older One Will Get!
Do you feel like the older sister all too often, even though you’re the younger one?! If you too have had moments that made you feel like your older sister is actually the baby of the family, then here are 10 things you’ll totally get!

1. You know how to get around your parents way better than her, even though she’s supposed to have been doing it longer!

And that is why you get your way easily, while she has to put up quite a fight!

2. That’s probably why your older sister takes your advice on everything, all the time!

... Even though she may not always admit to doing just that!

mature younger sister

3. You actually remind her every now and then to act like a grown-up!

And not just deal with every situation head-on like a little kid! Like diplomacy and tact are a must, girl, why can’t you just befriend them?

4. You calm her down and tell her exactly what her next step should be when she’s panicking!

Even though she has lived a little longer than you have, you’re just the calmer and the more sensible one of the two! (Or so you like to believe!) :P

mature younger sister

5. She treats you like her partner in crime, rather than a younger sibling she can (sometimes) bully!

She kind of knows that you are too smart to let her make you do all her chores, even though she would like to sometimes!


6. You have often saved her from “boy troubles” too...

And have even helped her sneak in and out of the house, without your parents finding out! It’s a different thing that you often used that as leverage for future favours!

mature younger sister

7. You are friends with most of her friends...

In fact, they like talking to you about stuff and listening to what you think about the various things going on in their lives!

8. Your parents always ask you to talk to your sister if she’s ever fighting with them!

Only because even they know that you’re the only one she will actually listen to!

mature younger sister

9. You are basically her style guru!

She comes to you with all dilemmas about clothes, shoes and bags and can’t seem to buy a thing without consulting you first. She even goes through your wardrobe much more than you do!

10. But you know that in reality you’re the one learning from her, every single day...

Because at the end of the day who else would actually tell you about the mistakes she made and the best ways to avoid them all!

mature younger sister

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