7 Things You Don’t *Need* To Know (Or Do) In Your Early 20s!

7 Things You Don’t *Need* To Know (Or Do) In Your Early 20s!
All in good time - they say that for a reason! There is absolutely nothing you HAVE to do if you don’t want to. But especially in our early 20s, we do tend to feel the pressure of doing or knowing certain things. Amongst the many, here are a few things that are absolutely okay for you not to know (or do) in your early 20s!

1. Know exactly what you want to do professionally

This is the time to experiment and try new and different things - so that you can actually figure out what you would want to do for the rest of your life. Take your time and find something you’re passionate about! Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

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2. Survive only and only on your own earnings

So you’re not supporting yourself completely yet? You can’t pay your rent on your own or even your electricity bills?! Guess what? It's completely fine. Don’t stress yourself out - you're in your early twenties. You’re yet to figure your financial situation out, and that’s perfectly okay!

3. Know exactly what your plans for getting married are!

Some of your friends or cousins your age may have started getting married or may be thinking about marriage. But that doesn't mean you have to too. Don’t even start thinking about it till you feel completely ready - you have plenty of time!

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4. Travel - all the time

Yes, it sounds great. And ideally, who wouldn’t want to travel all around the world? But just because some people can does not mean you have to feel pressured into doing the same. If you’re not much of a traveller or just can’t make the time to travel right now, put it on hold! You will have plenty of opportunities in life.


5. Be in a serious relationship

Yes, there are people who get into serious relationships in college or just after. But that doesn't make it the norm. You absolutely don’t have to be in a serious relationship or have a boyfriend in your early 20s in order to be happy!

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6. Go on casual dates

If being in a serious relationship is not a requirement in your early twenties, neither is dating people casually! Don’t listen to anybody who says you have to go meet people and find someone. You will when you’re meant to. So don’t think about it too much! There are really no “have-tos” in life. ;)

7. Drink - like there is no tomorrow!

If you’re not much of a drinker or don’t like drinking at all - don’t drink! Or drink as much as you can and want. It’s not a social obligation - and you shouldn’t have to listen to any body telling you that you’re boring just because you don’t drink!

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