Getting Adorable Wedding Pics Is THIS Easy!

Getting Adorable Wedding Pics Is THIS Easy!
Your wedding album captures all the beautiful memories of your shaadi! And let’s not forget that all these photos will go on Facebook and Instagram, and will be shared with your friends and family. So of course you want absolutely perfect, adorable pictures. And the one person who can make this possible is your photographer. Keep this checklist in mind before you book wedding photographer!

1. What’s your style number?

Candid or traditional? This is absolutely the first decision you need to take. You can even decide what style works for which ceremony - candid for mehendi and traditional for wedding day, for example.

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2. Video banayenge?

Some photographers double up as a video team also, so decide whether you want this service, and for which ceremonies.

3. Shaadi ke pehle se hi?

Do you want a pre-wedding shoot and/or a save the date shoot? These happen months before the wedding so start your photographer hunt at least 6 months in advance.

4. Heard it through the grapevine?

Really like a friend’s wedding album? Get the photographer’s number! Ask your network for recommendations. You can also look at wedding vendor websites and Facebook pages for references.  

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5. Flip, flip, flip

Whenever you get a recco, make sure you look through the photographer’s work. First, it’ll give you a good idea of their style; and second, it’ll help you decide what kind of photography you want for yourself.

6. Budgeting begins now!

The moment you begin your wedding planning, pencil in an amount for photography. This might go a bit up or down, but at least you’ll have a ballpark figure. This will help you in two ways - you’ll be sorted with your budget, and you’ll only have to talk to photographers who can work within yours.

7. Mood boarding

Even before you begin meeting wedding photographers, put together a wishlist and references of things you like - particular shots, location references etc. This will be super helpful when you finally sit down for a discussion with the photog.

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