10 Things That Happen When Your Older Brother Gets Married!

10 Things That Happen When Your Older Brother Gets Married!
Bade bhaiya ki shaadi is the most awaited event in the family! And you being the little sister are in for one big party! Here are 10 things that happen when it is your big brothers wedding!

1. Your are the ladkewalas!

Yesss! That means you’re not the host but the guest. Double the fun! *high five*

brothers wedding

2. And YOU get special attention!

Dulhe ki behen is THE most important person of the wedding, well, after the bride! Be prepared to be showered with tonnes of attention!

3. This is your excuse to play dress up

You will go crazy planning your outfits, jewellery and makeup. It’s your bro’s shaadi after all!

brothers wedding

4. Gifts ki bahaar lag jayegi

Everyone will be showering you with gifts! *happy dance* And loads of them! Be prepared to be pampered.


5. Baarati fun is something else!

The craziest and funnest time is letting loose in your bhai’s baraat! Hours of non-stop dancing to the dhol and bandwaala. And seeing your brother up on the ghodi is another feeling altogether!

brothers wedding

6. It’s party time!

Nothing like having all your cousins and friends around you to party with without worrying about any arrangements. That’s because everything is taken care off ;)

7. It’s also WAR

From the ribbon cutting at the time of baraat’s entry to the jutta chupai, it’s war time and being the sister you have to lead the pack!

brothers wedding

8. But then your bhabhi walks in

And you’re happy your big bro found the one to spend the rest of his life with. *tear attack*

9. The grand reception is when you’ll be super busy

Now your work mode starts. All that planning needs to be put in place at the grand reception!

brothers wedding

10. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!

It doesn’t end with the wedding. It’s celebration time for a long, long time! You have a new member in the family and all the upcoming festivals will be so much fun!

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