10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Married To A Baniya!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Married To A Baniya!
There are just so many stereotypes which sometimes work against the baniyas - as if having the Midas touch is something to hide! Talk to a baniya about their family and they will go all googly-eyed. And we love weddings! These things are definitely going to happen to you if you’re having a baniya wedding.

1. Glimmer, glitter, shine!

The family starts putting together bridal jewellery years before the wedding. And it all comes out at the time of the wedding. Trust us, no bride is as laden with gold jewellery as a baniya bride. And even the guests get in on it - all the aunties are just dripping in it. It’s quite a spectacle!

married to a baniya 1

2. We love looong weddings and we cannot lie!

A week-long celebration is a short baniya wedding. Even if you are having a small wedding, rituals will begin at least a month in advance and continue for a month after!

3. The lovely folk singing!

Every small ritual, when the haldi is being freshly ground for the haldi ceremony for example, is accompanied by folk songs sung by the women of the house. Some of these are now making it to Bollywood!

4. The 1 am muhurat

We don’t know why, but all baniya weddings begin at 1 in the night! They literally give us sleepless nights.

baniya wedding 2

5. Round and round the pheras go

...Or so it seems to us because the vows last for two to three hours! Hand the groom this, now the mother-in-law, now the brother, now hold this in your hand, now give this to your mother…

6. Homemade sweets FTW!

As a guest at a baniya wedding, you’re never going empty-handed. They’ll hand you donas of desi mithais and mathris. They are so yum!


7. The whole nine yards

Saree is the only acceptable bridal wear. Yup, you better learn to tie it!

baniya wedding 3

8. Ek chutki sindoor

The sindoor is the most beloved baniya wedding accessory. We love it red and thick!

9. We love our girls!

Whether you are the sister-in-law, sister of the bride, groom’s sister or a cousin, girls are especially loved at a baniya wedding. Which translates to *ahem* being showered with gifts.

baniya wedding 4

10. OTT invites

It started with mithai dabbas which could feed a family of four to now...the sky is the limit really. If you get a super-elaborate shagun ka gift along with the card, you know you’re going to a baniya wedding.

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