7 Things (Some) Guys Do That NO Girl Should Put Up With!

7 Things (Some) Guys Do That NO Girl Should Put Up With!
Dear Men,

We’re quite tolerant, really. And if we like you, we’re often ready to go to great lengths to avoid - and sometimes completely ignore - things we may not like so much about you. But there are a few things that we just ain’t gonna put up with. So, let this be in the interest of the general public… Here are 7 things that men do that are total dealbreakers. Like, “we” are definitely not “happening” after this.

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1. Body-shaming!

Telling us that our dress is too short for our “thunder thighs” or that our maxi dress looks like it’s hanging from a hanger is simply mean. We may not be the perfect hourglass shape, but guess what? Never did we wish to be so either. We’re happy in our skin, and would feel happier if you could love us just the same.

2. Bragging about themselves!

If you’re doing well in life, we’re glad. But that’s it, really. Don’t try to woo us by telling us how awesome you are EVERY time you meet us. ‘Coz if you’re all that good, your actions would speak for themselves. And you know how everybody feels about an all talk and no action person.

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3. Playing around!

Technically speaking, this shouldn’t even be on the list, ‘coz we like to take this for granted: that you know the fact that if you’re trying to woo us, fooling around with other women at the same time will get you nowhere. It’s just not acceptable, or respectful. If you want the attention of every girl in the room, well, you’ll get none from any girl.

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4. Being too lazy to care about basic hygiene!

You may not be the one to follow trends and care too much about your clothing and appearance. And that’s completely okay. But do not expect us to be as okay with putting up with unhygienic habits like not taking a daily shower. Like, that puts everybody off.

things men should not do

5. Acting like women are “beneath” them

There is no dearth of chauvinists in the world, and we have no patience for them. Even if you try to sugarcoat your words, and they still mean disrespect to us - and, well, that’s where it ends.

6. Letting their eyes wander!

We too do look at a cute guy, but we don't keep lingering till it turns into a rude act. Appreciate another girl's beauty, sure, but don't let it turn into an insult to the person you're with. Plus, wandering eyes are a clear sign of wandering mind, and if your attention lies on every girl who passes by, then we’re equally willing to bestow our attention somewhere else.

things men should not do

7. Being a bit too touchy-feely!

As uncomfortable as it makes us, it also makes your intentions towards us pretty clear. It’s really important to see how a woman reacts to your physical advances, and coming on strong even when she seems to be cringing is a show of bad manners. Forget all chances of a future meeting after this.

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