13 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A Short-Haired Girl!

13 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A Short-Haired Girl!

Yes, it’s easier to manage than super-long hair, and we don’t spend as much money on shampoo and conditioner, but being a girl with short hair has some challenges too. Here are a few things - both pros and cons - you’ll totally nod along to if you have short hair!! 1.Before cutting your hair short, you spend hours Googling the trendiest and cutest short hair looks. Pinterest, Instagram and dozen of other hairstyle apps for short hair are like your BIGGEST besties! girls with short hair 1

2. Every one or two months, you’ve got to fix a date with your hairstylist.

They’re the only ones who know how to tame those dreaded cowlicks. ;-)

3.People have often mistaken you for a boy or perhaps even called you one at least once in your life because of your short hair looks!

*Facepalm* girls with short hair 3

4. That moment when you wear a hat and all your hair suddenly disappears....

First, girls with short hair are mistaken for a boy, and now they think you’re bald! 

5. A fair bit of your salary goes in splurging on cute accessories for your hair!

And you always end up losing them almost immediately! (Darn bobby pins!) girls with short hair 5

6. You’ve secretly YouTubed “How to style short hair?”

People think it must be really easy for you to handle your hair. But hair tutorial videos, we love you!

7. The wind and rain are your hair’s worst enemies.

The humidity is the worse for girls with short hair! It often makes your hair look like a ball of cotton candy. And you can’t exactly tie it up! girls with short hair 7

8. You’ve often had people tell you that your hair looked prettier when it was long.

Why, oh why?! new_in_story_banner_500px

9. When you have a bad hair day, your scarf and hoodie always come to your rescue!

Especially during the winters! Brrr. girls with short hair 9

10. Compared to washing long hair, short hair saves you both time and energy.

Also, your tub and sink don’t get clogged up with your strands. Big YAY!

11. There are some days when you miss having long hair...

But all that changes a second when someone compliments your short hair!! ;-) girls with short hair 11

12. If you plan to grow your hair long, you may have to experience a few awkward hairstyles in between...

At some stage, you will land up looking like a band member from the Beatles.  :P

13. And that moment when you run your fingers through your hair during a shower, and you realize that’s all there is to it...

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Awkward!!! girls with short hair 15 GIFs: Tumblr

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