9 Things Girls ONLY Do In Movies (Never In Real Life!!)

9 Things Girls ONLY Do In Movies (Never In Real Life!!)
Things in movies are, of course, meant to be exaggerated and dramatic. We all know that. BUT there are some completely unrealistic things women are shown doing in films - so we just thought of putting it out there, that no woman EVER does these things in real life. Read on, and tell us if you agree!

1. They NEVER repeat clothes!

In real life, we only wish we didn’t have to. But however much a girl may shop, she can never have too many clothes - never enough to wear a new garment every day, at least!

things girls do in movies

2. And they run (not just walk) in heels!

As pretty as they may look, heels are kinda uncomfortable - and basically lift you a few inches above ground level. Running in them is not easy or, um, safe.

3. They give super synchronized dance performances with their boyfriends, without any prior practice!

While we can’t get our boys to do that on most occasions even with practice!

things girls do in movies

4. Uhm, they also change into frilly and very delicate looking nightwear at bedtime and have pillow fights!

In real life…we only want to escape boob jail at bedtime and get into our pajamas and baggy t-shirts.


5. They sleep with their makeup on, wake up looking flawless and continue to look like that the entire day - without ever having to touch up!!

Us? Well, our blowdry gets messed up in the auto ride to work. And god forbid if we sleep with makeup on for one single night - we wake up to the horror of a zit in the morning.

things girls do in movies

6. They might be chubby as kids, but they ALWAYS grow up to have the most perfect bodies and stunning looks!

And if that fails, then all they need to do is take off their specs or maybe get a makeover, and all their life’s troubles just vanish - just like that.

7. Oh, and they always help their boyfriends fight the bad guys!

Haven’t you seen them dress up in sparkly lehengas and dance - just to distract the bad guy, of course! And here we were saving our pretty lehengas for bhaiya ki shaadi.

things girls do in movies

8. Also, in extreme winter, with layers of snow all around, they need no sweaters!

Oh well, but we do. We freeze.

9. And in the end, they’re all just waiting to be saved.

Girls in real life need no saving. We are our own heroes, even if our stories aren’t shown on the silver screen. We would rather NOT be anyone’s damsel in distress - or be in distress at all!

things girls do in movies

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