9 Things Every Girl Does (Boys, You Have NO Idea!)

9 Things Every Girl Does (Boys, You Have NO Idea!)
We all do weird things when we’re by ourselves or with our besties! But there are some such things that women do that guys have NO idea about! Here are a few of them...

1. Wear the same bra for a couple of times before throwing it in for a wash!

Hey, we gotta make sure those underwires aren’t ruined by too frequent cleaning.

2. Let the hair on our legs or bodies just be. Especially in the winter!

Unless we have to wear a dress or know that someone else might see it soon!

things all women do

3. Obsess far too much about the shape of our eyebrows.

I mean, they are important!

4. Dance in front of the mirror!

It’s like performing for yourself! :P

things all women do

5. Check out other girls all the time! And not just their clothes or bags or shoes, even their bodies!

So much more fun! :P


6. Literally go into panic mode if we realize just before going out that we’ve run out of kajal!

Obviously! Kajal can basically transform your look, no?

things all women do

7. Dress to impress other girls, not guys!

Seriously, boys just don’t appreciate our well-thought-out outfits as much as girls do!

8. Sometimes just cry for absolutely no particular reason…

We could be tired or hungry or both! OR we could be PMSing. Although we will never ever admit to it.

things all women do

9. Walk around pretty much naked in front of our besties…

Not all the time, of course! But we don’t really care about changing in front of our friends!

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