Do Girls Masturbate? Is It... Normal?

Do Girls Masturbate? Is It... Normal?
Short answer? Yes. And yes. Many girls do, even if not all. And it’s a perfectly normal, healthy thing to do. Everyone has a sex drive, and it, er, needs satisfaction. So if you don’t have a partner, and choose masturbation as your method for satisfaction, that’s completely okay. Hell, even if you do have a partner, it’s still completely okay.

1. So how many women do it, really?

Apparently, MOST. It’s still a fairly intimate (and even taboo) topic, and not something that one usually discusses with even one’s best friend, so numbers are hard to come by. However, according to a 2008 UK study, 92% of the women surveyed admitted to masturbating regularly.

2. What does it actually involve?

For a woman, it involves stimulating her clitoris or her vagina, usually until an orgasm is achieved. However, some women even get turned on from and/ or achieve orgasm through stimulation of the breasts and nipples. So, basically, it comes down to what turns you on as an individual.

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3. How do you do it?

Very difficult to explain this without sounding a little obscene! But here’s us trying… You can use a sex toy such as a vibrator, or you can use your own fingers to touch/ stroke yourself. It’s quite like sex, without the actual involvement of another person. (P.S.: Watching or reading something erotic helps too, to get you into the mood. Basically, whatever turns you on!) ;-)

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4. How long does it take?

Anything from 2 minutes to an hour! This really depends on your state of mind, and your physiology. If you’re someone who finds it easy to get turned on and also to climax, it won’t take you too long. And if you’re someone who needs more time and effort, then it will take longer. And it’s also entirely possible that you might want to keep at it for a while simply because you’re enjoying it!

5. Does it have any benefits/ side-effects?

There’s no hard scientific evidence that masturbation is harmful in any way for women. But it does have a fair number of benefits. First of all, it’s a great way to explore your body and desires and get to know what arouses you (and what doesn’t) better. Plus, all those happy hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin flowing through your system when you’re turned on or have an orgasm - excellent stress-buster at the very least! It can make you feel relaxed; it can even ease menstrual cramps for some women. Besides, you know what they say - practice makes perfect. Achieving an orgasm on your own also helps in the process of orgasming during sex with a partner - you basically have a clearer idea of exactly what works for you!!

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6. How often is normal?

As often as you’re comfortable with it! Some women masturbate daily (and even more than once a day), some women do it a couple of times a week, some women do it a few times every few months. Up to you to decide what your normal is! ;-)

7. Should I be doing it?

Only you can decide this for yourself. It’s your body, after all. :-)

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