THIS Is How You Can Get The Coolest Dance Mix At Your Wedding! | POPxo
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THIS Is How You Can Get The Coolest Dance Mix At Your Wedding!

THIS Is How You Can Get The Coolest Dance Mix At Your Wedding!

The party has to go on all night long! The DJ is the guy who can make or break your sangeet, mehendi, cocktail, wedding day...yeah, he’s super important. After all, what’s a wedding without naachna gaana? This is the only DJ checklist you need to have the absolutely best music at your wedding!

1. Dates block karo pehle

Do you want a DJ only for the sangeet, or also for the engagement, cocktail reception, wedding day. Trust definitely want one for Bollywood night, no matter how cool your cousin’s playlist is.
dj checklist1

2. Choices are endless…

So have a unique theme for each ceremony. For example, if you have the dholkiwali aunty coming in for the mehendi, do you want a band doing covers for the reception?

3. Band baaja matters

Does the DJ come with his own equipment or does he expect you to hire speakers etc for the day? Are these included in his charges? What kind of sound system does the venue have and do you need to pay extra for using them? Will the venue have a dance floor? What about lights and effects, and what are the charges for those? Lock these details down. dj checklist 2

4. Time, time ki baat hai  

Especially when it comes to the dulhan’s entry, during the jaimala or bidaai, for example. Ask what they usually play at these moments. If you have any specific requests, pencil those in. popxo_in-story_download_banner

5. Ye kaisa gaana hai?

...Is not what you want your guests to wonder at the ceremony. So discuss with the DJ the kind of music you want. Are you partial to the latest Hindi blockbusters or do you also want a mix of evergreen hits and some golden oldies thrown in? Are there any regional hits that should definitely be part of the mix? They’ll take requests from your guests, na?
dj checklist 3

6. Permission le ke kiya hai, sir!

Till what time in the night will the venue allow you to play music and do you need any permissions for those?

7. Phele suno, phir bulao

Always! Ask them if you can come to any party your DJ or the band is playing at. You better know what you’re getting! dj checklist 4

8. Itne paise main itna hi?

Many DJs and bands have a set playlist, and the charges are usually for those. But what if you want them to stay on for longer? You might end up paying through your nose for that! So definitely ask what the overtime charges are. Images: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #BridesBeware: 20 Common Mistakes While Planning Your Wedding! MUST-READ: Dance All Night! 6 Super Comfy Shoes For ANY Wedding Function!
Published on Jan 7, 2016
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