10 ADORABLE Little Moments With Him I’ll Never Forget!

10 ADORABLE Little Moments With Him I’ll Never Forget!
There are the big moments in every relationship. The first time someone says “I love you”, the first time you have sex, the first time you go on vacation together… And then there are the little moments. The tiny, adorable memories that stay with you forever. Here’s celebrating those ones!

1. The time he brought me a cookie during my lunch break at work

Because I’d told him how I’d dropped mine on the floor in the morning while trying to dunk it in milk, and so didn’t get to eat it.  

2. The time he told his cousin to watch what he said

Because the cousin had told me, “You’re quite clever - for a girl.”

3. The time he told his dad to not be so fussy about me staying over…

Because, and I quote: “She’s my girlfriend. I want her here.”

adorable moments with him

4. The time he told my dad to be not so fussy about me staying out late

“Uncle, she’s smart and she has pepper spray. You shouldn’t stress so much.”

5. The time he bought me a birthday gift three days before the day itself

Because he was worried that I might not like it, and so wanted to have enough time to get me something else in case he needed to!

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6. The time he ended that random conversation at a party about guys being more ambitious than girls with the words…

“My girlfriend is the most ambitious person I know. She makes me feel like challenging myself more every single day!”

adorable moments with him

7. The time he said to me, “Shut up, you have no idea what you’re talking about!”

Because I was venting about maybe not being as good at my job as I thought I was.

8. The time he clicked a shirtless picture and sent it to me

Because I complained about there being too many topless women on Google and not enough men.

9. The time he said “Why are you bothering? I don’t care - you look gorgeous anyway!”

Because I said it wasn’t fair that I had to wax my arms and legs every few weeks.

adorable moments with him

10. The time he kissed me in front of his cousins…

Because I was apparently too adorable for him to not do so! <3 <3 <3

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