What Actually Happened The First Time I Tried Being On Top!

What Actually Happened The First Time I Tried Being On Top!
The first time I had sex I was 22. I wasn't too reserved or shy about things… I was just waiting for the right guy. And then I found him. He was completely okay with waiting for as long as I wanted, but by then I just didn't want to wait! And that's where all of my sexual adventures began.

I had been sexually active for about a month when he first suggested that I should get on top. Luckily, I was blessed with a partner who was always trying to make sex better and better for me. And I had done my research, okay - I knew that this position was suppose to be extremely pleasurable for the girl.

I was still adjusting to just having sex -  I wasn't really thinking about trying anything new or different. You know what I mean, right? We only had sex about every other week, so I hadn't had that long to get used to it. But, of course, that didn't mean I was opposed to the idea - hell no! So, being the over enthu girl that I am generally, and the slightly tipsy one I was at that time, I agreed to give it a shot. After a whole lot of moving around, we put ourselves in the correct positions to try this.

And try it, we did!

Everyone always tells you the awesome things about being on top, but I never thought it would be so much work! Sex suddenly became very technical for me in that moment. It was all about how much pressure I was putting on my hands and how much on my knees and where did all this hair that's covering my face come from?!

woman on top

It was a moment of intense confusion as you can tell by the thoughts that were going through my head at that time. But slowly, as I started to get into the rhythm of things, it definitely became a lot better. Having all that control and the look on his face! It was so worth all the leg cramps I was getting! Having been the one with no past sexual experience, this was quite an amazing feeling for me. But I guess too much of a good thing can also a bad thing…

I'm generally a very clumsy person. After two drinks, I'm even worse. I can even trip while sitting down! So you can imagine what happen when I was on top and decided I really didn't need all that support that my arms were providing. AND that turning around would be a good idea. After a minute of extremely complicated and ninja type of moves later, I ended up on the floor!

Did I forget to mention we were doing it on this really large sofa in his room? Well, I had probably also forgotten it at that moment, which led to my then current position...with my naked butt on the cold marble floor. Suddenly the leg cramps couldn't even begin to compare!

My boyfriend was really sweet about it, though. He only started laughing after he had helped me off the floor and had apologised profusely for letting that happen. We ended up on the floor again in a few minutes, just laughing and making out in between. The mood was obviously killed, but we definitely felt a lot closer to each other.

Now that it's been a year since this incident, let me gladly add that I've mastered the "Woman On Top" position. Took me some practice, but neither of us really minded that… Obviously! ;-)

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