What To Wear If You Want To Draw Attention Away From Your Hips!

What To Wear If You Want To Draw Attention Away From Your Hips!
As much of an asset that our hips can be, there are some of us who aren’t necessarily thrilled with their shape. For those ladies, here are a few simple yet effective tricks to draw attention away from the hips.

1. Skater Dress

Wear a dress that falls freely and gathers below the waist. The flowy feel of the fabric will not let anyone focus on your hips. Also, pick something with detailing at other parts such as the bodice so that it makes the overall look interesting and focusing on other parts of your frame.

2. Wide Legged Pants

flatter your hips

Opt for something that has a higher waistline, a flat front and no details around the waist. This will make your legs look longer and your hips narrower!

3. A-Line Tunic Or Top

Wearing a straight and simple tunic or top that naturally flares out towards the hem is the best bet if you are someone who prefers not to draw attention to the hips. Something that ends right below the hip is ideal in this category of clothes! Pick any fabric or any print, the A-line style will always look wonderful.

4. Gathered Or Wrapped Jumpsuits

flatter your hips

Jumpsuits can look gorgeous for any frame. Opt for a printed one if you go for a fitted jumpsuit, else pick something with gathers that sit at the mid-waist. They’ll look amazing.

5. Empire Line Kurtas!

The empire line silhouette is the right choice when it comes to flattering the hips. It falls so beautifully down the upper waist that it actually accentuates your curves. A forever friendly pick!


6. Heavy Embellished Tops

flatter your hips

Drawing attention to your upper body is a great way to take away attention from the lower parts of your body. A stylish new cut or a lot of interesting embroidery and embellishments on the top work perfectly for this. Add shoulder pads to your party tops to give your shoulder a more defined look and thus balance out the proportions of your body.

7. Palazzos

Stay away from nude or light colored pants as they can make your legs and hips look wider than they actually are. Instead, free and flowy palazzos are a great choice - not only do they look very stylish but also feel comfortable!

8. Round Skirts

flatter your hips

Yes, a skirt which sits at your upper waistline but has lots of pleats or gathers will always fall very well on your body. The umbrella look defines the lower part of your body in an elegant manner, and the extra volume of the fabric masks any heaviness of the hips or thighs. Pair these skirts with fitted tops and heels, and you’ve got your chic mode on.

9. Mid Hip Long Tops!

When you are choosing to wear a top over jeans or trousers, make sure the length of the top is not too short. Ideally it should end at the middle part of the hip to minimize attention on this aspect.

10. Longer Jackets And Coveralls!

flatter your hips

Longer jackets and blazers rather than cropped ones should be your pick! They end where the butt ends, and thus are sure-shot items for some camouflage. You can go for any colors, be as experimental as you feel like. They look trendy and amazing!

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