10 One-Word Texts Girls Send Guys - And What They REALLY Mean!

10 One-Word Texts Girls Send Guys - And What They REALLY Mean!
Boys say that girls talk too much. Even when they are texting. NOT true. Sometimes us girls can be quite brief in our expressions. As brief as a single word. Here’s what we really mean when we send these texts - boys, please note!

1. Hmm

“I can't really think of what to say right now. I'm pretending to think about what you just said - and hoping you send a message that I can actually respond to.”

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2. Uhuh

“You need to think about what you just said. The only reason I didn't say 'Did you just SAY that?' is because I don't want to come across as an aggressive bitch.”

3. Haha

“I'm not really laughing. Not even smiling. I'm just saying ‘haha’ because you seem to expect that this should be making me laugh.”

4. Okay

“I don’t really agree with you, but whatever, fine.”

texts girls send 4

5. Fine

“NOT fine. ABORT mission. You will not survive if you go ahead with what you proposed.”

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6. Why?

“If your question is answered with a question, it means I don't want to answer it. I really, really don't.”

7. Maybe...

“I want to say no, but you might think i’m rude, so I’ll pretend to think for a while and then say no, when I have come up with a reasonable-sounding excuse or whatever.”

texts girls send 7

8. Whatever

“I don't even have the words to express how wrong what you're saying is. NOT cool.”

9. Cool

“Okay, sure!”

10. Sure.

“Fuck off.”

texts girls send 10

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