17 Things That Mean SO Much More Than “I Love You”

17 Things That Mean SO Much More Than “I Love You”
Lovers all over the world may claim that the phrase “I love you” is the most beautiful thing their partners have ever said to them… But the truth is that sometimes, other much simpler words strung together, mean so much more. He knows that you love him, but sometimes hearing you say other meaningful and true things can be more comforting. Here are a few things you should be saying to your partner, other than I love you...

1. “I choose you!”

Because only love can make us feel extraordinary even on an otherwise ordinary day. And it feels great to be reminded of that by someone special.

sweet things to say to him

2. “You are the best thing to have happened to me.”

As you grow old together, he’d want to and like to know that he still means the same to you as he did when you first met and fell in love.

3. “I believe in you. You can do this.”

Because on days when his belief in himself dwindles…your belief in him is what will keep him going!

4. “Whatever you may decide, I’ll be there for you.”

You can’t even imagine the strength these words can give someone - he will feel more encouraged than ever to go ahead and achieve what he really wants to.

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5. “You are never going to be alone...”

Because even the bravest of people are scared of being lonely - and knowing that someone will always be by your side, come what may, is pure bliss.

6. “I need you.”

Sometimes, it’s all about letting your own guard down and making your partner feel wanted and needed.

7. “I forgive you.”

We all make mistakes - and nothing takes the burden off our shoulders like knowing that the person we love is ready to move past them.

7 sweet things to say to him

8. “I understand.”

Because it feels good to know that your partner really gets you - or is at least trying really hard to understand what you are going through and feeling.


9. “I’ll do anything for you.”

Who doesn’t want that one person in their life who would do just about anything to see them smile?! We all do!

10. “It’s not my world without you in it.”

To know that you are someone’s world is a feeling that words can’t even explain.

10 sweet things to say to him

11. “I’ll protect you.”

Even though he may need no saving, it’s good to know that someone out there is always willing to stand up for you.

12. “I’ve been missing you.”

To know that someone’s been thinking of you can make one feel loved like nothing else can.

13. “You inspire me.”

For we all hope to be the person someone looks up to, don’t we?

13 sweet things to say to him

14. “You are my happy place.”

Trust us, he would always want to be not just the funniest guy in your life, but also the one who makes you the happiest!

15. “I love it when you touch me.”

Sometimes, he needs to hear that his physical touch is important to you!

16. “If it’s important to you, then yes.”

Isn’t it wonderful to know that there is someone out there who is willing to put you and your needs before their own?

16 sweet things to say to him

17. “Thank you so much.”

Take it from us, gratitude will always get you more love and make your partner feel more loved too.

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