11 Sweet Things To Do With Him On Your Anniversary!

11 Sweet Things To Do With Him On Your Anniversary!
We all do the whole gifting routine for our partners on special occasions - but there are other little things you can do to make his day even more special. Here are a few things you can do instead of buying an anniversary gift for your husband, you can go through the day with or for your partner on your first anniversary. He will adore you even more! 

1. Plan a little picnic!

Pack a nice little basket with all his favourite things and set out on a nice little afternoon picnic - just the two of you! There’s a different charm to sitting in a park in the middle of the afternoon and picnicking with your partner!

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2. Take him back to the place where you first met…

And recreate the whole scene! Nothing about that he can’t and won’t love!

3. Make a playlist with all his favourite songs

If he is a music buff, or even if he isn’t, he will love the fact that you actually made the effort to put all his favourite songs in one place. Play the playlist and enjoy a nice evening indoors. Plus, he will always think of you every time he listens to it! ;)

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4. Plant little sticky notes with sweet messages everywhere you know he will look!

Write sweet things or put down some of your memories together on little sticky notes, and place them at places he will visit through the day to for sure! His bedroom mirror, inside the cupboard door and other such random but definite places he’s bound to check through the day.

5. Buy his favourite snack and put it in his pocket

Sneak his favourite snack into the pocket of his pants or jacket. It’s a small little surprise he will be delighted to discover at any point in the day!

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6. Fill a small notepad with a compliment on each page for him!

Get a small notepad, and write one thing you love about him on each page. This is something he will cherish forever!

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7. Do the cliche message in a bottle

Yes, it’s a cliche, we know - but such a cute one! And honestly, who doesn’t love an adorable little cliche like this one? Just write a sweet message for him, or even a letter, and put it in a bottle. Let him find it when and where he least expects it!

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8. Give him your favourite picture of the two of you - framed nicely

It’s a very basic thing, we know, but how many of us actually frame and put up pictures these days? Not too many! So a nice picture of the two of you that he can out on his bedside will be more than welcome!

9. Surprise him with a planned trip with his boys!

Not on your anniversary, of course, but at a later time. We all love to get away with our friends every once in a while. He will too! And knowing that you planned it for him along with his friends - there will be nothing sweeter.

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10. Try something with him that he’s been wanting to do forever

Whether it’s going on a road trip with you to some random place that you haven’t been too keen on, an adventure sport, or even just some classes. What better time to try something new out with your boyfriend than your first anniversary?!

11. Record a message for him…

Make a video of yourself saying something heartfelt for him. This way he can hear and watch you whenever he wants!

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