8 Sweet (And Fun) Things To Do With Him After You Get Engaged

8 Sweet (And Fun) Things To Do With Him After You Get Engaged
There is a reason they say that the engagement period is one of the best times of your life – it is indeed special! Whether you’re engaged just for a few days before the wedding or there’s still time before your big day - make it an exciting period that you both will cherish for the rest of your lives. Leave the wedding preparation madness aside for a while and go ahead and celebrate your love!

1. Join a language class

Learning a foreign language is interesting, but doing it with the man you love is simply exciting. Go together, make notes, and practice your newly acquired linguistic skill with each other to add a spark to your romance.

2. Get a photoshoot done

Hire a professional photographer and get a cutesy pre-wedding shoot done - with makeup, styling, et al. Transform into a movie character or do a shoot like you’re in a crazy commercial – just for the memories. Try offbeat locations like a vineyard, or an old fort. You’ll cherish these photos more than the wedding ones for sure!

2 after you get engaged

3. Plan your honeymoon

Do a thorough destination search and look for all the non-touristy things you can do in the city. Make your own romantic itinerary and put it all in a journal. When you are there, write your own notes in the journal and paste pictures too.

4. Go on frequent dates

Right after the wedding, you’ll be so occupied with all those social obligations that you’ll barely have time for romantic dates and dinners. Do them now. Watch movies, go bowling, visit the city museum, or a park – it’ll be fun!

after you get engaged 4

5. Host a party

Only for those who matter. Call them over for an evening full of fun, food, drinks and dance – for no reason - and promise them there’ll be no wedding prep talks. It could be a nice brunch or dinner followed by a movie marathon. Trust us - they’ll appreciate the two of you wanting to spend time with them.


6. Invest in each other

Make your partner feel special by doing really simple but nice things for each other for no particular reason. Get him meaningful presents and gift him small treats like a spa treatment, a new hairdo or a favourite book. Keep the love flowing!

6 after you get engaged

7. Write your vows

Alright, alright…this is such an extreme Hollywood cliché. But then hey, why not? After all it’s all about the two of you and the many said and unsaid promises you make to each other. Make it fun, interesting and personalized, though!

8. Go on a trip

Some place close by – for a trek or a music festival. This will strengthen your bond and will allow you two to enjoy some quality time before the wedding madness begins.

8 after you get engaged

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