8 Super Cute Ways To Dress Up Pretty This Valentine’s Day!

8 Super Cute Ways To Dress Up Pretty This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and all of us are very excited to make it as special as we can. Whether you’re spending time with your guy or your BFFs, you’ve got to dress up right and celebrate this sweet day of love.

Outfits For Valentine's Day

We’ve put together some amazing ideas to make life simple and for you to look perfect, whatever the plan is!

1. Up-Style Your Denim!

Outfits For Valentines Day

Love your denim a bit too much? Of course, why wouldn’t you. It’s comfortable, non-fussy and can be styled in so many different ways. For this occasion, dress your jeans up like a diva. Wear an interesting top with some embellishments in sweet pastel colors and finish this look with a sleek hairstyle and some pretty heels. Don’t forget to paint those nails red - just because!

2. Go For An LWD Instead Of An LBD!

Outfits For Valentines Day

Black dresses are so passe, go for a short white dress instead! If you’re the kind who likes bodycon dresses, go for one that has minimalistic details. If you are the type who likes some flounce in your clothes, get a lacy one or a skater dress. White looks classy and it’s going to make you look gorgeous when you put on that red lipstick and some red pumps. Trust us, he’s going to get bowled over!

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3. Some Shiny Things For You!

Outfits For Valentines Day

If you are going for a night out, try something new. We generally wear some bling in our jewellery; try some bling in your outfit instead. Wear a full sequinned dress or a partial one. Try colors like a dull green or a shade of brown. Black is the safest best if you’re not feeling too experimental. This is going to make you sparkle the whole evening and you’ll feel super sexy too!

4. The Cool And Casual One!

Outfits For Valentines Day

Don’t want to dress up too much but still have a date to go to? Grab a sweet dress from your wardrobe and wear a casual denim jacket on top and some darling accessories. You’re set to go out there and have a good time. Team this up with heels or flats, depending on your mood.


5. Something Totally Unexpected!

Outfits For Valentines Day

Maybe you meet this guy often anyway, so why don’t you try something different? Something that he doesn’t expect you to wear. Wear print on print or try an animal print instead. Wear red lipstick if you never wear any on usual days. Do your hair in an interesting manner. A dress or a skirt that is so offbeat that he sits there and wonders how you can look so amazingly WOW!

6. Comfy Flats For The Day!

Outfits For Valentines Day

Spending the whole day with your loved one? You definitely want to feel comfortable and be relaxed and not worry about how you’re feeling, but at the same time, you want to look like a bit girly! Choose a pleasing maxi or short dress with some off-shoulder or bow details, or even a skirt, and team it with your favorite pair of flats and a nice tote to go with it. Get your sunglasses on and you’re set!

7. Dress In Cute PJs If You’re Staying In!

Outfits For Valentines Day

If you’re staying in with him, or even if you’re alone, take this opportunity to show some love to yourself! Go buy yourself a nice pink satin night suit or a cute happy printed one, and feel good about life! If you’re watching a movie or even if you’re playing board games, making that extra effort to dress up when you’re home is a sweet gesture!

8. Don’t Forget To Add An Element Of Red!

Outfits For Valentines Day

Finally, enjoy this day by adding a hint of red to whatever you decide to wear. Lipstick, shoes, nail paint or even a tiny clip. Get that glamorous red on, and trust us, you’ll feel so good inside and happy outside. Celebrate the spirit of this day and pamper yourself with some cool valentines day gifts under 500, and look fabulous doing it

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