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How To Stay Fit While You’re Studying For Your Exams!!

How To Stay Fit While You’re Studying For Your Exams!!

Exam season is looming large and cases of students pushing themselves to the brink for better results is on the rise. We’re here to tell you that there’s absolutely no need to stress out, especially if you’re in the pink of health. Studies have shown that healthy, fit scholars score better than their peers. And so we got some help from the experts at Nike to create a list of some great activities you can indulge in with your study group. Here’s the list of 6 ways to keep your body in top shape even while you have your head buried in books!

1. You Need… Nothing!

You don’t even have to move out of your room to exercise. Yes, no gym membership, no fancy equipment… nothing. All you need is the Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running apps and you’ve got a host of experts at your disposal with all the moves you need to train well. To get you started, check out 21 Days Of Better For It by Nike - a program that helps you get fitter with zero external help. You can pick from 3 different programs depending on what suits you best. If that’s not enough, you and your study buddies can do the workouts together and post your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (with your group name and the hashtag #BetterForItIndia) for a chance to win exciting prizes from Nike. Win-win we say! stay fit during exams. 1

2. Get That Posture Right

A lot of us tend to slouch when we’re sitting in one position for long hours. Stop right now! Do not hunch over your books, instead try and keep your back straight and place a pillow on the small of your back (if you’re on a chair) so that you’re always sitting in the correct posture. How this helps? It makes your back and shoulders stronger and makes you use your core muscles to stay in an upright position. Even better, get up and stretch every hour. The Nike+ Training Club app has a number of 5-15 min quick workouts that can help you stretch right.

3. Music For Your Soul

Feeling bogged down by the volume of study matter? Get out and unwind with some music. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and go for a short run with your study group. Music increases concentration and puts you in a better mood when you take short breaks to listen to your favourites. Plus, a 15-minute brisk run helps you clear your head and focus for better scores. Taylor Swift anyone? stay fit during exams. 3

4. Goal, Set, Go!

Make a note of the things you need to finish: a chapter for example, or a certain part of the syllabus. Now set yourself a time limit to finish it. Every time you achieve a goal, take a well-deserved break. Short breaks not only help you come back to your studies with increased vigour, it also motivates you to study for longer hours. Setting goals is also a great way to challenge yourself and your study group to compete with each other. You can also get to your fitness goals while you’re at it. Take up a quiz on to customise a training program according to your goals (and that of the members of your group) and you’re good to get started!

5. Sleep Burns Calories Too. Yes, Really!

While you might find it hard to take a nap with so much pressure, you should know that power naps have been proven to increase concentration. After all, those grey cells need replenishing before you get back to the grind. About 30 minutes of sleepytime should do the trick. Plus, what’s better than a sleepover anyway, right? stay fit during exams. 5 Find your training plan with Nike’s 21 Days of Better for It here and keep moving while you study! T&C apply. *This is a sponsored post for Nike.
Published on Jan 6, 2016
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