8 Reasons A Long Term Relationship Is So, SO Hot!

8 Reasons A Long Term Relationship Is So, SO Hot!
Why does the term “long term relationship” invoke a dull image in our minds? So what if you’ve been with the same guy for a long time?! Obviously something works between the two of you, that’s why you are together. New couples, take note – for this is how the pros do relationships!

1. All sorts of dates!

Obviously since you’ve been together for a long time, you’ve gone on many different types of dates. The dinner date, the dancing date, the dressy date, the casual date, the movie date, etc. You could teach the new kids a thing or two on the art of dating and keeping it exciting. Agreed?

great long term relationship

2. Commitment is sexy

There is no denying that it is super exciting to be in a new relationship with someone. Having said that, we’d happily trade that “new” feeling for the peaceful comfort of a long term relationship. When your boy is as committed to you as you are to him - it’s such a good, positive and reassuring feeling!

3. He’s seen you at your worst and he’s stuck around!

You have in the past failed an exam, felt insecure or jealous, been unsure of your career path, cried because someone said something mean, and even PMS-ed majorly! Mr Boyfriend has seen you through all of this and more. And guess what? He stuck around! You can be at your worst around him and not have to worry about a thing! Long term relationships FTW!

great long term relationship

4. Long term naughtiness!

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, we can safely assume you’ve tried *quite* a lot of stuff under the sheets! From the thing you never thought you’d try to the thing you both love to try...you two always keep it fresh in the sack! The best part is, even if there was something you two weren’t good at...practice might have surely made you perfect! ;-)


5. Little things count

When you’re in a new relationship, it’s all about the grand gestures - the flowers, the gifts and the dates! But as time passes, you begin to appreciate the little gestures. How he makes you the perfect cup of coffee, how you always remind him to wish people on their birthdays, etc. These little gestures and rituals really make life worth living. It’s like having a having best friend who perpetually does cute things for you!

great long term relationship

6. The grooming factor!

We are not saying you should roam around like a homeless person just because you have a steady relationship – but isn’t it nice that you don’t have to put on makeup or wear sexy clothes every time you meet the boy? And mainly, you don’t always have to be waxed or shaved! He has seen you with (a lot) of hair and he loves you nonetheless! So much win! ;-)

7. Opinions galore

Just because you two have been together a long time does not mean you have morphed into one person! You both have your own personalities, and your own distinct opinions. Sure – sometimes that means that you fight. But that’s okay! Ultimately, you both bring an interesting perspective to each other’s lives. If you ask us, that is honestly kind of cool!

great long term relationship

8. Choosing each other day after day

There is an aspect to long term relationships that no one really talks about. It’s choice! Technically, there are many other fish in the sea. And if either of you want to get back in the dating game, then we are sure there are other dateable people out there. But the fact is, you choose each other – day after day, night after night. And that, alone, makes your long term relationship hot as hell!

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