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13 Signs He’s JUST As Into You (If Not More!)

13 Signs He’s JUST As Into You (If Not More!)
So you’re with him, but sometimes wonder whether he likes you as much as you like him? Well, girl, worry no more - for here are some surefire signs that he’s JUST as into you!

1. You are sure to find a message from him every time you check your phone

Because he likes to keep you in the loop with what’s going on in his life. From the usual “good morning” and “goodnight” texts to random, silly conversations about absurd things - he always has something to talk about and share with you.
he is into you

2. He is all too ready to get you to meet his family!

He wants to take you along and introduce you to everybody at his sister’s wedding, or has already mentioned you to his parents.

3. He also refers to your future together

In between random conversations, he finds a way to mention how much he’d pamper and spoil your kids or have a huge TV and playstation in the home you’ll build together!

4. And even his colleagues know of “the girlfriend”

It’s not just his friends who are super sure about you two being together for a long time to come, but even the people who work with him. They never fail to mention how they keep hearing so much about you from him every time they see you! he is into you

5. He often shows up unannounced and makes random plans to take you out

Just because he loves spending time with you and does not need any occasion or excuse to take you out on a date.

6. He even plans ahead…

You are a part of his next five year plan, and all the other five year plans after that too!

7. He goes out of his way to care for you and make you feel loved…

Especially when you’re sick, or having a rough week at work. He always makes an extra effort to cheer you up.   he is into you

8. He does not shy away from completely committing to you…

In fact, he loves to show the two of you off as a couple to the world.

9. You never have to worry about “other girls” with him! :P

All his attention is on you. You never feel insecure about that. :-)

10. You know you can completely trust him

Because you know that he will never break your faith in him. he is into you

11. He occasionally complains about you taking “too much” me-time!

It’s kinda cute, actually, how much he likes you two spending time together. :-)

12. And he also makes a genuine effort to get along with all the important people in your life

Your family and your friends - anyone who holds a special place in your heart receives special attention from him too! He knows that they matter to you.

13. He adores you as much without makeup as when you’re all dressed up.

Because to him you’re always beautiful. he is into you GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #HeSays: How To Tell If Your Guy Is Really Serious About You! MUST-READ: 14 Thoughts We ALL Have The First Time He Says “I Love You”!