#HeSays: 7 Things (Almost) Every Guy Fantasizes About

#HeSays: 7 Things (Almost) Every Guy Fantasizes About
Ladies in our lives, here’s something for you. A little note on a few things us guys - well, most of us guys - fantasize about when it comes to sex...

1. Role play, of course.

And preferably in costume. Yes, ladies, it’s true. We might not always love dressing up when we’re going out, but playing dress-up in the bedroom is kind of a turn-on. And for many of us, especially so when it’s a uniform of some kind. ;-)

sex fantasies guys have 1

2. Doing it in a public place

No, we aren’t necessarily exhibitionists! It’s just that the fear of discovery can be a thrill in itself - the thrill of doing something intimate in a space that isn’t so. It adds a heady edge to our excitement about the act.

3. A little tied up…

Handcuffs, scarves...whatever floats your boat. And it doesn’t even matter so much which of us is tied up - it’s just the kinkiness of “restrictions” that can get us going.


4. Which brings us to...power play.

Some of us like our ladies to take control, some of us like it the other way around, some of us like to take turns. But know this for sure, all of us have at some point or the other fantasized about power play in the bedroom.

sex fantasies guys have 4

5. Should we make a film?

You know what they say about guys and porn - most of like watching it. Some of us like it a LOT. So can you blame us for wanting to play at being amateur filmmakers ourselves?  :-P

6. Sex and food!

There’s something incredibly arousing about including things we can eat in our bedroom games. Possibly because most of us love food and sex just as much. Whipped cream, chocolate...we’re not fussy - we just want to eat it off you. Hell, we could even live with pizza!

7. A threesome, obviously!

C’mon, we’re sure you’ve heard about this one often enough. We like the thought of watching women make out with each other, we would like it even more if we had two girls making out with us. And the icing on the cake would be if one of those girls were the one we like and the other a celeb we have a mad crush on. :-P

sex fantasies guys have 7

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