16 Things That Happen When Your Bestie Comes To Visit!

16 Things That Happen When Your Bestie Comes To Visit!
If you and your best friend have a long distance relationship (or even one of you was just travelling for some time), then you can totally relate to these. Hey, you miss your soul sister, after all! Here are a few things that happen when you reunite with your bestie. What would you do without her?!

1. You can’t help but jump up and scream when you see her

OMG she’s finally home! The wait is over. Eeeeeep!

2. And then you jump into each other’s arms

It’s better than any rom-com scene. You hug, squeeze, let go and then hug her again.

3. You can’t stop looking at each other

She’s actually in front of you! “Is that a new bag?” “Did you get a haircut?”.

4. Maybe even cry a bit…

You can’t help it, you just missed her so much!

reuniting with your best friend

5. You end up just sitting on the couch and talking for hours.

So many things to catch up on and so little time!

6. You HAVE to post a few #Reunited selfies

Watch out, Instagram and Snapchat!

7. There is A LOT of hysterical laughter

Inside jokes and just those uncontrollable giggles that happen when you’re around your most favourite person.

8. Those selfies don’t stop for the next few days

You can’t help it, you both do take the best pictures together.

reuniting with your best friend

9. You binge-eat...

Those “tell me everything” conversations need to be accompanied by your fave food, of course. You HAVE to go to visit your regular food spot or order that pizza you both always eat together.


10. You drink like there’s no tomorrow!

Getting drunk with your BFF is a whole different experience that you’ve missed so much!

11. And you don’t really want to share her with your other friends

And secretly hate that she has to call them out with the two of you.

12. You profess your love for each other

“I love you!” “No, I love you more!”

reuniting with your best friend

13. You spend every second together. Well, as much as possible, at least.

Everything’s just so much better when she’s there, and you need to make up for all the lost time.

14. Even your boyfriend understands...

He lets you have your much needed bestie time!

15. You end up renewing that vow that nothing can come between you both

The distance, the time zones, the new people in your lives - the two of you can survive it all!

16. And, honestly, that feeling of something missing from your life disappears completely!

You both pick up right where you left off, and life seems right again... You’re just soooo happy to have her back!!

reuniting with your best friend

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