Dear Bestie, 7 Reasons Our Friendship Is *Unbreakable*!

Dear Bestie, 7 Reasons Our Friendship Is *Unbreakable*!
Dear Bestie,

There’s no doubt that you are one of my favourite people in life. Sure, we’ve had our tiffs, but we’ve both managed to put aside our differences and work on our friendship. In today’s world, finding a true friend is difficult. I’m glad to have found you! Your positivity and loyalty have been a few of your best qualities. To be honest, I can’t imagine my life without you. You bring out the best in me. I’ve listed just a few reasons why nothing can ever ruin our friendship. I’m sure you’ll agree with them too. Cheers to us!



1. You Know Me Way Too Well...

Rome wasn't built in a day, and the same goes for our friendship. With every passing year, we’ve seen each other go through different phases - and we’ve experienced every phase together. These very experiences have brought us super close - I now know you in and out, and you know me!

reasons you are my bestie

2. You Accept Me With All My Flaws

Everyone has their own flaws, but the real challenge is to find someone who will accept you for who you really are. That’s the beauty of our bond. None of us have given up on our friendship because we felt that the other was flawed. Of course we are, but we’ve embraced those flaws and helped each other grow!

3. I Know Everything About You

From the very first time I met you, I knew we had a connection. That instant click was so deep that I felt like I had already known you for years. That’s a bit funny, right? But I guess the universe knows best. I think we were destined to cross paths and play such powerful and important roles in each other’s lives.

reasons you are my bestie

4. I Trust You With My Heart And Soul

No matter what anyone might say, I will always continue to trust and believe you. I know you far better than anyone else out there. Sure, people have perceptions and opinions about others -  but when it comes to you, I will only believe what you tell me. As far as I know, you my dear friend, have no skeletons in your closet. Your honesty and loyalty has won my heart and trust, forever!

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5. You Are My Pillar Of Strength

When and if I need a shoulder to cry on, you are always there. You have brought me out of my gloomiest phases and given me all your support. It’s easy to walk away from someone when they're going through a hard time, but you never left my side. Just know this - anytime of the day or night if you need me, I will leave whatever I’m doing and come to you. You’re someone who is worth taking a bullet for. You’re my person!

reasons you are my bestie

6. Because We Connect So Damn Well

Even when I don’t express my thoughts in words, you already know what’s going through my head. Not many people can sense my emotions or read my thoughts - but you always can.  

7. When I’m With You, Life Is Bliss

I’m my best self when I’m around you. We never have a dull moment. Isn’t that why we’re besties, after all?! I can be who I want to be and don’t need to shy away from doing anything and everything. That’s because it’s YOU. Your energy is so warm that I instantly melt in your company. Come give me a hug now!

reasons you are my bestie

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