Dear Bestie, 10 Reasons No One Can Ever Replace You!

Dear Bestie, 10 Reasons No One Can Ever Replace You!
Dear Bestie,

With each passing year, we’ll meet new people and even become close friends with a few of them. But the bond I share with you is one that no one - not my boyfriend, not my sister, not my other close friends - can ever replace. If I haven't told you this before already, you are irreplaceable in my life! And here's why…


1. You’re the only one who gets my ridiculous jokes!

And also the one who tells me to my face how pakau they occasionally are!

2. When I run into some extra money and start crazy shopping, only you can pull me away!

And the thing is, I wouldn’t really listen to anyone else telling me that I just don’t need another pair of blue jeans! What do they know?!

love my bestie 2


3. When I get bored of my clothes and have no money to treat myself to new ones, whose wardrobe becomes my own?

What’s yours is mine, isn't it? ;)

4. You’re the only one who can get me to go out after a breakup!

Even when all I want to do is lock myself in my room and live in despair. You are my sunshine, seriously!

love my bestie

5. You are the "help central" for my boyfriend too!

How else would the poor guy ever get me the right gifts and plan the right surprises?

6. You still help me with getting my parent's permission.

Just by putting on that smiling, convincing face that they completely trust. You have taught me the ways of the world, bro!

love my bestie

7. If I were to murder someone tomorrow, you're the one I would call!

Who else would first come help me dispose off the body, hide all clues and only then freak out?! I know you’ll be there for me, come what may!

8. You just know what I need and when I need it!

Before I can even put it into words! Such magical telepathy is rare, babe.

love my bestie

9. I am also counting on you to keep me sane during my wedding, away from the drama of my relatives.

And organize my crazy bachelorette before that, of course!

10. But most importantly, you’ve taught me what true love really means!

It’s a bond that’s not forged by blood, but means and feels just as much!

love my bestie

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