not care about what others think of you

9 Reasons NO Girl Should Care About What Others Think Of Her!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

You’re awesome! You know that, right? Well if anyone dares suggest otherwise, you totally needn’t bother. We give you some solid reasons why!

1. You have one life.

And trust us when we say: it’s not long enough to do everything we want to do. Leave alone what other people want us to do. So focus on the good parts and stay happy!

2. We don’t have unlimited energy

As much as we wish we did – the bitter truth is – we don’t. So with that in mind, do you think it’s worth spending an iota of it on what others think of you? #Logic

not care about what others think of you

3. What others think of you is their problem!

This is literally the easiest way to look at it. (And highly effective too!)

4. Don’t give people the power to hurt you.

It’s sad, but true: when people know they can hurt you, there’s every chance they will. So if you don’t care about what they think anyway, you’re basically taking away their power. Great thought, innit?

not care about what others think of you

5. Haters gonna hate

There are negative people all around us. The less we indulge their pessimistic ways, the happier we will be. So just accept that they exist, and move the hell on. You know what they say - haters gonna hate!


6. Happiness is a choice!

The less you care about what other people think the happier you’ll allow yourself to be. And isn’t happiness the ultimate life goal?

not care about what others think of you

7. Don’t take life so seriously...

No one gets out alive anyway! Like, what will you even gain by caring about what others think?

8. You’ve got to be true to yourself.

Think about who you really are, and make that person happy. What people say and think will most likely not be in line with your authentic self. And nothing matters more than your authentic self - okay, girl?

not care about what others think of you

9. Be your own cheerleader!

How awesome would life be if we had one person simply standing there and cheering us on in every single task we undertook? From those dreadful ab crunches in the morning, to that all-nighter before an exam – if only someone kept chanting our name rhythmically, right? Umm... why wait for someone to come and do that for you? You were born pretty darn awesome and you totally should cheer for yourself! Who cares what anyone else thinks of you, right? Gosh, you’re such a #GirlBoss!  

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Published on Jan 06, 2016
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