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16 REAL Resolutions Every Girl Should Make For A Happy 2016!

16 REAL Resolutions Every Girl Should Make For A Happy 2016!

Most of us start every new year with our “New Year Resolutions” - some big, some small, some easy and some tough. And most of us end up not following it beyond the month of January. This year, skip those clichéd goals and just promise yourself that you will live life fully and be happy. And here are 16 real resolutions to get there.

1. Take It Easy

Because some things are beyond your control. Accept this fact and stop stressing about things that you can’t change.

2. Work Hard, Party Equally Hard

Strike a balance between work and having a life because you are meant to live life to the fullest and not just survive the routine.

3. Finish What You Start

Make a promise to yourself that you will start something and see it to the end. And this year, start early. But also know when to quit if things don’t work out.  

4. Indulge In Your Hobbies

Read more, dance every day, sing your heart out, fill those pages with your words… You will think, feel and basically function better in life. resolutions for 2016

5. Stand Up For Yourself

Let go of the guy or the friend who doesn’t appreciate you. There is no point in investing in a wrong relationship. Voice your opinion in things that matter and make yourself heard. Have confidence in yourself… Accept yourself for what you are and don’t try to mould yourself into others’ idea of you.

6. Stick To The Positive Side

Make a conscious effort to keep a positive attitude towards life and avoid negativity like the plague. Things don’t always work the way you want, but you can work towards finding contentment in what life has to offer.

7. Laugh More

Once a day, laugh like there is no tomorrow, let those feel-good hormones take over. It is the quickest and the most effective way to blow off steam and recharge yourself.

8. Put That Phone Down

Digital detox is the new definition of “me time”. Spend at least an hour every day away from the gadgets, this year. resolutions for 2016

9. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Go on that solo trip, acquire a new skill, wear the colour you have never tried before… Just push yourself to do something different...and discover something new about yourself and the world.

10. Aim To Be Fit (Not Slim!)

Yes, take care of your HEALTH and not just your WEIGHT. new_in_story_banner_500px

11. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Don’t sweat the little things; change what you can change, and stop worrying about what you can't. Try and work things out without sacrificing your dignity or your peace of mind.

12. Don’t Lose Sight Of The Right-Now

Appreciate the little things in life, smile more often, don’t lose sight of the happy moments while keeping an eye on the big picture.   resolutions for 2016

13. Take Charge Of Your Life

Accept your mistakes and apologize when you are wrong; sort out the mess and move on. There is only one person who can decide if you need to change, and that person is YOU.  

14. Accept Your Limitations

Yes, you can achieve a lot in your life, but there will be things that you can’t. Learn to accept your limits and make peace with them.

15. Take More Chances

Never stop yourself from taking chances in life; failures are life lessons that teach you how to do things right the second time. Don’t let your past make you wary about the future. resolutions for 2016

16.  Be In Love With Love

A breakup doesn’t mean the end of the road for love. Remember, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Keep your faith in love alive, it will find its way to you. And if you’ve found your prince already, just keep kissing him. :-) GIFs: Giphy

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Published on Jan 13, 2016
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