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Two Quick And Pretty Ways To Braid Your Hair!

Two Quick And Pretty Ways To Braid Your Hair!
Why should a braid hairstyle be boring?! Here are two very awesome and fun ways to braid your hair - AND they're really simple to make too! If you’ve been wondering how to make braids, try these out for some really interesting looks! What You Will Need:
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Ties
  • Tail Comb
  • Few Hair Accessories
  • Hair Brush
Difficulty Level: As easy as clicking a shoefie! Watch the video NOW to learn this braid hairstyle! PLUS: Subscribe to POPxo on YouTube for original videos + our favourite videos from around the web!
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1. The Simple Double Braids

Step 1: Start by dividing your hair into two sections. Step 2: Now braid each section, keeping in mind that they're both braided in the same direction. Step 3: Now interlock both the braids and secure it with a hair tie. You can remove the hair ties you used earlier. Step 4: Add a bow if you like at the end! You can also pull a bit at different sections of the braid to make it look like a more natural braid hairstyle. 2. The Half Braid Step 1: Divide your hair into 2 sections: A and B. Step 2: Make a simple braid hairstyle in part A and secure it with a hair tie. Step 3: Take the braided hair to part B like a hairband and pin it up with the help of bobby pins. Step 4: Once it's secure, you can twirl the front portion of your hair to give it a cleaner look with this simple braid hairstyle! And you're DONE! MUST READ: 3 Beautiful (And Super Easy) Hairstyles With A Gajra! MUST READ: 3 Hairstyles That Look SO Cute With A Beanie!!