15 Questions You Must Ask Him At The First Meeting!

15 Questions You Must Ask Him At The First Meeting!

First rishta meetings are really like first dates in some aspects. You’re meeting someone for the first time at a rishta meeting, and need to ask some really intimate questions. But unlike a first date, you have to take this meeting a lot more seriously. After all, you are trying to gauge whether this is a potential life partner. You are going to ask about his family background, education and work experience. For a deeper look into his personality, definitely, ask these first rishta meeting questions to him!

1. Where do you see yourself five years down the road?

Trust us, it sounds like a job interview question, but when you really get down to figuring out answers for this and hearing it from the other side, you get to understand so much more about them!

2. Is there any hobby that you wish you had more time for?

This is not the standard question where he tells you what his current hobbies are. Instead he should talk about how he wanted to learn to play the guitar or wants to get better at golf. You will be able to hear the enthusiasm in his voice, if there is any!

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3. How do you like to travel?

Sounds random, but follow this by asking whether he likes to go solo, prefers to take along his friends or likes family vacations. If the answer is a yes to all of the above, you’ve found one passionate traveller!

4. What do you do when you’re alone or bored?

This answer will actually tell you how he spends his day! If he sounds boring and vague, you know he clearly gets bored fast. But if he talks about reading a book or watching the television series, you know where his interests lie and maybe you have common interests too!

5. What would you like to drink?

A question which can set the stage for all your alcohol-related queries, if you’re so inclined. If it’s a dinner date, see if he looks at the wine list or cocktail menu. Some guys will tell you that they do drink, but then don’t know what or how to order! Also, you could say you’ve tried vodka maybe once by mistake if it’s going south!

6. Tell me about your best friends?

This will tell you about the kind of people he chooses to surround himself with. A strong support system in terms of friends is always a good thing. If he manages to name a few then he’s a guy who is blessed and that is always a good sign!

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7. Whom are you closest to in your family?

For some it’s their mom, for some their brothers. Through this question you’ll be able to gain an understanding about whom he listens to most, who is his lifeline and who is the person who knows him extremely well!

8. Have you ever lived on your own?

The reply will show whether he is highly dependent on people or can manage day to day living on his own. It’s also a clue into the kind of household contribution you can expect him to make. Someone who knows how to fold their clothes and iron them too - that’s a rare match and a good one!

9. Help me with ordering the food, please?

Lead him into ordering food and then ask him a few questions about his cooking skills, his preferences, his knowledge about food, and observe his behavior with the waiter. We can tell a lot about someone through their eating habits. Mind you, a lot of people hold back from ordering too much on their first date!

10. What do you think your routine will be like after marriage?

Ask him details about his daily routine and you’ll get answers towards his work timings, his priorities, his meal and sleeping habits. You can tell a lot about where you will fit in through these answers.

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11. What do you think about live-in relationships or one night stands?

Asking a direct question about his sexual experiences might turn out sour. Instead ask about his opinions of these cases and you’ll know if he is strongly opinionated or hesitant to answer. Either way, this can lead into more conversations. Avoid talking about your personal experiences until you’re very comfortable with him!

12. Do you like kids or puppies?

Yes, putting them into the same category here, but there is always a black and white when it comes to this question. If he likes kids but from a distance then you can go on to ask him some more questions!

13. What is your newest favourite music track?

Instead of asking him what genre of music he prefers, ask about one particular thing and immediately you’ll know if he is up-to-date with the new tracks or not. This can be a whole new conversation!

14. What are the best places to go around town for a good gig/meal?

If you’ve chosen the place for this meeting, then you’ve got to give him a chance to tell you where he would take you next, if there is any chance of that! If you like similar kind of places, then that’s one amazing thing you’ve got in common!

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15. What is the one thing you are never going to compromise on?

Whether it’s honesty or loyalty, this is one supremely important question which you should be prepared to answer too! This spells out pain from the past and wisdom for the future and is a great direction to go in since it establishes ground rules! There are so many more things you want to ask this potential life partner, so take your time and get to know him better. With every question answered, you’ll know whether you want to take this forward or not! So don’t rush it, understand and know the person well before you take the plunge!

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