25 Questions Every 25-Year-Old Should Ask Herself!

25 Questions Every 25-Year-Old Should Ask Herself!
Twenty-five is quite a milestone in every girl's life. You actually begin to feel and be treated like an adult, a little more than you did at 24! On crossing this milestone, there are some things you should be asking yourself. Some questions you must ask yourself and think about the answers to - just so that you can work your way towards making life as amazing as it can possibly be!

1. What is the one thing about my life I would change if I could, immediately?

2. Am I doing what I’m actually passionate about and enjoy?

3. Am I working hard enough?

4. Do I give my family enough of my time?

5. Am I an honest and loyal friend?

25 year old

6. Am I living life in the healthiest way I possibly could?

7. Am I still holding on to grudges from the past? How do I let them go?

8. Do I think about me and what I want enough?

9. People around me will start to ask me questions about marriage. Am I ready, though?

10. If I’m in love with someone, is my relationship with him a healthy one?

25 year old

11. Does he treat me right? Do I treat him right?

12. Where do I see myself in the next five years?

13. Am I happy with the space and the city I’m living in?


14. Do I depend too much on other people for my happiness?

15. Do I let others take me for granted?

25 year old

16. Am I happy with the way I treat the people that I meet on a daily basis?

17. Am I satisfied with the way I interact with people I meet socially?

18. Do I sleep enough?

19. Am I happy with the way that I earn and spend my money?

20. Am I thankful enough for all the good in my life?

25 year old

21. Do I read enough books?

22. Do I want to study further?

23. Do I know how to be alone? Can I feel content in my own company?

24. Do I stand up for my values and beliefs? Or do I get carried away by others’ opinions?

25. Would my 5-year-old self be proud of who I am as a person today, at 25?

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