8 Ways Men Unintentionally Offend Women (Just STOP, Guys!)

8 Ways Men Unintentionally Offend Women (Just STOP, Guys!)
The case of chivalry vs chauvinism continues - and we feel it every time we walk on the street, drive to work, or even travel the world. Here are some subtle ways in which a lot of men put us down - whether intentionally or unintentionally. Do you agree?

1. Twenty Questions!

“Is someone joining you?” “Where’s your husband?” “How many kids do you have?” “Why do you want to get married so late?” Every day we are berated by a wall of questions so high, we could soon live in our own Qutub Minar or Rapunzel’s Tower, as some may put it. These judgements come from guys we know or interact with on a daily basis - from our own guy friends, to waiters at cafes, to shopkeepers and tailors - we get tired of finding witty retorts to throw back at them. Live and let live, please!

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2. “You Can Drive?”

Yes, we girls can handle a stick and are not afraid to use it! Rest assured, we are not going to kill the next driver that overtakes us in road rage. Driving is a skill which can be acquired by anyone if and when they want - so please stop acting like it’s rocket science (which, by the way, is not restricted to men either).

3. Help Please!

There are enough people who come running to help us with our luggage at the airport, train station, bus stop, and everywhere else. Really, touching people’s bag without their permission is not okay - thank you, multiple uncles and bhaiyas. We know how to speak, and if we don’t ask for help, we don’t need it.

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4. Restau-rants

Have you noticed that the whisky or rum is always put in front of the man, and the cocktail in front of the woman? Gender stereotyping much?!


5. It’s All About The Money, Honey!

On one hand you will often find a man cribbing about how much he has to spend on a woman -  and on the other, you will find him offended if we offer to go dutch for meals or buy him a drink. Make up your minds, guys, make up your minds.

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6. “Why Can’t You Be More Proper?!”

So we laugh a little louder one day, wear a shorter skirt another. We drink with our friends and meet new people every week. But guess what? Our lives - our decisions.

7. “Relax!”

If women lose their temper, they are told to relax! Because if they raise their voices, they are either hysterical, crazy or PMSing. A true “lady” is not allowed to express her feelings in such a loud and open manner. WTF?

offensive things guys say 7

8. “Why Are You Crying?”

This is probably the worst thing a man can say to a woman: “Isme rone ki kya baat hai?” Crying is a natural emotional response, and tears can be happy, sad or angry. It is not a tap we can turn on and off to make guys feel better or bad, neither is it a sign of weakness. So let us have our cry if we feel like it - and stop bothering us about it!

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