#MyStory: We Were Having A Little “Adventure” In His Car When…

#MyStory: We Were Having A Little “Adventure” In His Car When…
It was around two in the morning when my boyfriend and I left our friend’s place after a party. I was a little tipsy while he had decided to not drink too much as he was supposed to drive. We go into his car and left for my home. Our friend’s house was in the suburbs, so we had a long drive ahead.

He had often suggested that we do it in his car, one of the “must-dos” of his life. While we’d often had hot make out session in his car, it had never gone beyond that. I was a bit hesitant about the idea; I just didn’t feel comfortable as there were chances of being spotted by people. However, while driving home that night, I decided to fulfil his wish. He actually had stopped asking after I repeatedly said no to having sex in a car. I thought it would be a nice surprise for him and I was feeling kind of adventurous that night. The fact that there was a long stretch of empty road on our way home worked in our favour. The possibility of someone seeing us was minimal.

I told him to stop the car; he looked a bit worried and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Just stop the car, stupid,” I replied.

The moment he stopped the car, I kissed him. We started making out and at one point I just whispered in his ears that this was not going to end just here. He got the hint and was beyond joy to know he was finally having his wish fulfilled.

Internal- sex in a car

We both started taking each other’s clothes off, but found it a bit difficult sitting in different seats. So I suggested he come over to my side of the car. Very excitedly he tried to do so and ended up bumping his knee on the steering wheel. Here, let me tell you something about my boyfriend - he is 6 feet tall with a well-built body. Our sex adventure had to take a pause as he tried to get out of his seat and come towards mine without hitting anything else in the car.

He did finally manage to do so and we continued with our foreplay. But then, it wasn’t comfortable, so I said that we should move to the backseat. Again he struggled to move out from the position we were in and get out of the car. Worried that I would drop the idea, he kept saying, “This will happen, give me a sec.” I was, like, why are you so tall??

He had to get out of the car to get to the backseat while I just climbed back from the inside. I took off his shirt as we were kissing, and then I started to unbutton his pants. To make it easier for me, he crouched on his knees on the seat…and ended up hitting his head against the roof of the car.

The scene was pretty funny and I started laughing. I could see that he was getting frustrated; after all, it was he who was getting hurt again and again. So I told him to sit on the seat and I climbed on top of him. I had always wanted to try this position, but let me tell you it wasn’t as easy as I had imagined it would be, especially on a car seat. We did try a couple of other positions, but every time ended up either bumping into things or with our hands and legs in awkward positions. We both realised that night that we must be the clumsiest couple.  At one time, he even hit his head on the window. LOL!


I think that was the moment when we gave up trying. However, while we were done trying in the car, we definitely were not done. We ended up at his new flat; his family was yet to shift, and so we did it on the dining table and the living room couch.

When he dropped me home later, I just told him, “Honey, you need to buy a car fit for your size!” ;-)

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