#MyStory: My Teacher Caught Me Fooling Around… With Her Son!

#MyStory: My Teacher Caught Me Fooling Around… With Her Son!
It was a cold winter morning in December. My boyfriend and I had started dating only a few months ago. And as it was his final year of school, we didn't miss any chance of spending time with each other. I was in Class X then and we had a free period. So my friends and I decided to go to our school playground and sit in the sunlight.

While we were on our way to the playground, my boyfriend saw me from his classroom and immediately decided to bunk his Physics period and join me. Being a teacher’s son, it was generally easy for him to escape punishments from teachers other than his own mother. (Yes, I was dating the son of one of our Mathematics teachers, Laxmi Ma’am!) He came out and sat with me while my other friends sat at a distance to give us privacy.

Internal- Teacher caught us

The weather was rather romantic and we were sitting quite close, holding hands and singing romantic songs. After a while, suddenly, one of the school guards came to us and asked, “What are you two doing here? Are you bunking classes?”

“I... I have a free period. See, even my friends are here,” I explained, pointing towards my friends.

“And you, Soham? What are you doing here? You two are not in the same class I suppose?” he asked again.

“Yes, we are not in the same class, but I am also having a free period now,” Soham said quite confidently.

Though it was very unlikely that we both have a free period at the same time, luckily for us, the guard didn’t argue or question us any further and left us alone.

“See, if you tell a lie confidently, looking directly into the eyes, anyone will believe you,” Soham boasted.

“But, Soham, I think you should go to your class now. I didn’t like what had happened and I don’t want us to get into any trouble,” I told him. I didn’t want any more teachers or staff members to see us together. Both of us were good students and had worked hard to make a good impression on our teachers, after all.

“No, baby, I won’t go. Nothing will happen. You are just overthinking. Please don’t let it ruin our moment.” Soham reassured me and started humming another romantic song. I couldn’t help smiling and started humming the song too.

And that’s when we heard a sound behind us.... “Ahem, ahem.”  

We turned around and found his mother standing there. We found out later that the guard had gone and complained to his mother that Soham was being cosy with a girl!

My face turned red out of embarrassment. We stood up and I ran towards my friends to escape the situation as I could not think of anything else to do at that moment. I noticed her saying something to Soham and then they went inside the school building.

A few hours later, during a class, a student came and told our teacher, “Laxmi Ma’am is calling Kuheli.”

That was the moment I had been fearing all day. And I couldn’t escape this time like before. Chanting god’s name I went to meet her and told her sorry before she could say anything and promised her that this kind of mistake wouldn’t happen again.

“Hmm,” she said. “Just remember one thing... Always maintain at least a one hand distance from a boy.”

I nodded and came back to my class, feeling bad about the whole incident. However, it wasn’t as bad for me as my boyfriend - poor Soham had to bear the brunt of his mother’s anger, and that evening at home he got a thundering scolding from his mother.

P.S.: We have been together now for many years and are looking forward to a future together. But I still wonder if Soham’s mom is going to ask me to maintain “one hand distance” from her son even after we get married. :-P

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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