#MyStory: It Was Going To Be Our “First Night” But Then...

#MyStory: It Was Going To Be Our “First Night” But Then...
I married my best friend and lover of four years in a beautiful ceremony almost a year back. While most girls have some or the other complaint about either their wedding decor, food or photographer, I don’t have any of those. But yes, I have one MAJOR regret. It’s something I crib about till date. It touches on something I had dreamt about, wanted to feel and experience, but will now never ever be.

I didn't get to have my suhaagraat! In a weird twist of events, my husband-to-be whispered into my ears just after the jaimala that I’ll be spending the night with his elder sister! I was petrified! I remember not talking to Arjun for the longest time. All throughout our dinner and well into the walk to our poolside pheras all I asked him was to tell me that this wasn’t true. A part of my heart kept wishing that he was just pulling my leg.

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My wedding night was supposed to be the most special night of my life. And it wasn’t just about the sex. We had made love many times before, but this was supposed to be different! I had specifically asked for early pheras so we wouldn’t just pass out when back in our room. And the room! We had a special room booked for us in the resort we got married in. I had slipped hints to my sister about how I wanted it to look. I had bought the most expensive bridal lingerie ever and, after all that, I didn't even get to be alone with him!

I wanted to be alone with Arjun in all my bridal glory. *wink* To just hold him tight after all the maddening ceremonies. To feel his sexy stubble against my cheeks and tell him how much I loved him. But I never got a chance to do that and it will always be my biggest regret. It’s something I can NEVER get back!


Apparently, it’s a tradition in his family. The bride and the groom get to be together only after three days of the ceremony. I have no idea why this happens but that’s how it’s been for ages. So I was stuck spending the first three nights of my married life making small talk with didi. The didi who was determined to follow family traditions and not let either of us sneak in or sneak out.

Three days later was our reception. It was FINALLY the night when I could have my husband all to myself and bid my darling sis-in-law goodbye. The event was so much fun! Maybe that’s why we came home late into the night - drunk, exhausted - and just passed out! While I had a fabulous wedding and a blissful first year, I don’t have suhaag raat stories to share with my besties, and it’s my one regret!

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