#MyStory: I Went For A Massage… And Then A Man Walked In!!

#MyStory: I Went For A Massage… And Then A Man Walked In!!
I love getting massages! They make me feel completely relaxed and energized - enough to be able to face the hectic week ahead of me. Now, I recently made a trip to Thailand, and I was told that if you don’t get a Thai massage while you’re in Thailand, you’re missing something!

One day, I was walking down the streets of Pattaya. While I was strolling around the place, a beautiful Thai spa caught my attention. I said to myself: “This is it! I’m going to go in there and get myself pampered.”

All went well initially. I booked an appointment and they asked me to get ready. All I had was a towel wrapped around me. I was nervous and equally excited while waiting in the spa room for my massage therapist. The lights were dim and a floral aroma clouded the room. I had a good feeling about this.

After a couple of minutes, I heard the door open. To my surprise, it wasn’t a woman. It was a man! I was a bit shocked because I had never gotten a massage from a man before. He smiled gently and asked me to lie down on the massage bed. Only the lower half of my body was now covered with the towel that they had provided. To be honest, it was quite awkward!

massage by a man

He probably sensed that I was nervous. And so in calm voice, he asked me to just relax and keep my mind blank and free from thought. At that moment, I decided to trust him - what else could I do, really? I’d paid for the massage already, and I was - truth be told - kinda curious about this experience. His first touch on my skin made me jump - no guy other than my boyfriend had ever touched me like that. But I stopped feeling nervous within seconds; he was super professional. As the massage continued, I let my guard down and relaxed completely.

The soft music and the rhythm of my masseur’s hands de-knotting my muscles was an experience out of this world. It felt heavenly. I have to admit that I didn’t want him to stop! I didn’t even notice how quickly the allotted 45 minutes flew by.

After the massage, I changed back into my clothes and walked out a really happy customer. My masseur gave me his card as I was leaving, and till today, I keep it safe in my wallet. Whenever I do make my next trip to Thailand, I’ll make sure to pay that spa in Pattaya a visit. It’s not that the ladies I’ve received massages from in Mumbai aren’t great, but that massage was just...so unique! Here’s hoping I’m able to repeat the experience again!

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