5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Fav Clothes Looking New!

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Fav Clothes Looking New!
We love shopping, we really do. Unfortunately, our bank balance does not, and most times we are left with a cupboard full of clothes that are either stained, look old or are laden with lint. We find ourselves in the same position very often and that’s why we’ve come up with the easiest ways to keep your wardrobe looking like its spanking new!

1. Always Read Labels

Yes, as much as all of love to ignore the labels on our clothes, it is the first step to a pristine wardrobe. You need to follow washing instructions and make sure each garment is washed like it is supposed to be.

That simply means all lace should be hand-washed, hot water should be used for stubborn stains and fabrics that retain their dye, cold water should be used for colours that may run or fade and warm water should be used to minimise wrinkling and stubborn stains on light colours and fabrics.

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2. Use A Quality Product

It is a good idea not to skimp on the detergent and fabric care products you buy. Because in the long run, your clothes will be washed a number of times and every time you wash them, you should be sure your product is doing more good than harm to them. A product that cares for both natural and synthetic fabrics as well as preserves your clothes while washing it is ideal.

Your best best? ArielMatic - it removes seen and unseen impurities embedded deep within fabrics while also preventing them from re-depositing back on fibres to stop their build-up, as they can cause damage and premature aging of clothes. What’s more? Ariel Matic is enriched with a Deep Clean formula that rids your clothes of stains to give you squeaky clean laundry.

3. Unshrinking Those Jeans

A lot of clothes can’t handle the dryer. And that includes everyone’s beloved pair of jeans. It is quite unfortunate when we end up with a shrunk pair of jeans which are brand new and we’ve only worn them once.

But here’s the answer to all your prayers. All you need to do is fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a capful of baby shampoo to it. Let your jeans soak and gently twirl it around. This will relax its fibres. Take the jeans out of the bucket after an hour and gently squeeze, (do not rinse) and then lay it out on a towel. You can pat it with another towel till it is damp and not wet any longer. Gently stretch it as it lays out to dry (until it returns to original form). Let it air dry under a fan and you’ll have you unshrunk jeans the next day!

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4. Do The DIY

Removing stains can be as easy as collecting things lying around the house. Everyday items we use at home can be used to banish stubborn stains. Got an oil stain? Use coat the stain with corn flour over night. Got a coffee stain to get rid of? Manage it in minutes with baking soda.

Stains are easy to get rid of and not worth stressing over. All you need to keep in mind are fast do-it-yourself solutions that are not expensive and lying around the house. What needs to be lying around the house? Lemon juice, baby wipes, chalk, shaving cream and a brilliant detergent.

5. Lint Alert!

We all love our woolens… right up till those pesky little lint balls form on them. Instead of spending an entire day picking out lint balls one-by-one, use a smarter alternative which is easy and cheap. Lint forms when your laundry method is faulty. Anything from the wrong detergent to a bad dryer can encourage the formation of lint.

All you need is a razor and a mug of water to remove lint from your clothes. Simply dip the razor in the mug of water and gently raze the area that is laden with lint. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you could tear the fabric.

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