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What Do *You* Do When You’re In Love? Your Zodiac Says…

What Do *You* Do When You’re In Love? Your Zodiac Says…
We all change a bit when we fall in love. Some of us become a bit more outgoing to impress the one we love while others like to shy back in the shadows before they know if their feelings are reciprocated. So here's what YOU do when you're in love…according to your sun sign!


Aries, for you happiness is everything! When you're in love with someone, you put all of your efforts into seeing and making that person happy. You go all in… But you don't leave your logical self behind in this process. You're extremely passionate about them, but only till the time you know you aren't being taken for granted. You're a lover, not a fool! You like to be the center of your loved one's attention just as much as they are yours.
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You, Taurus, are as faithful as they come! When you fall in love, there is no swaying your loyalties. This great quality about you also comes with a side effect, though: you tend to be slightly possessive of the ones you love. But when you feel like you've found the one, you're the most affectionate partner. All you really want to do is experience the finer things in life, with the one you love by your side. Love according to zodiac


Gemini, when you fall in love, it's a scenario everyone would love to watch play out! Your A-game comes on naturally and you impress the one you're in love with without seeming like you even tried! While people might not believe this about you, but deep down, you're a hopeless romantic! So when you're in love, you like to involve them in every aspect of your life! You like to share your life with them, the cool, interesting things - and even the mundane ones! Love according to zodiac


Falling in love takes a while for you… But when you do, you fall really hard! Don't try to deny it, Cancer, but you know when you're in love, you get attached to that person way too easily! You're very attentive towards your "special someone", and as soon as you get a feeling that they might be upset, you put your cheery face on and make it your agenda to pull them out of the dumps. Love according to zodiac


Leo, when you fall in love, you use all of that charisma that you were born with to charm the pants off (not literally!) of the one you love! You love showering them with praises and gifts whenever you get the opportunity to. And while you can't help but think about them all the time, you also secretly wonder if they think about you just as much... The lion, after all, has a bit of an ego. But only a bit!
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You're generally quite easy-going, Virgo, but when it comes to love you get a bit intense. You actually end up surprising yourself with the intensity of your thoughts too! But here's the best part - when you're in love, you basically feel indestructible! It fills you with positive energy and brings a very noticeable change in the way you handle situations. Love according to zodiac


Libra, you're a tough one to satisfy, so you fall in love with a lot of difficulty! You have a very strong sense of self-worth, which you don't compromise even when you fall head over heels in love! This doesn't mean you don't love with all your heart, Libra, because you do. But the things you do in the name of love are never out of line or aimed to cause chaos! You're just not one for the "dramatic" gestures, you appreciate the little ones more. Love according to zodiac


Love means a lot to you, Scorpio, which makes grand gestures your speciality! And especially when you're in love. You're a sucker for passionate promises (made by you or the one you love), but only when the person making them comes attached with the sincerity to live them out. You don't like to live in denial and you say things like they are… You express your love a lot, but also quite bluntly. This does sometimes take people by surprise, but they grow to love this most about you! Love according to zodiac


You always give your 100% when you do something - and why should it be any different when you fall in love? When you're in love, Sagittarius, you let your heart do the talking and let your mind take a backseat. You go with the flow of things and never let your doubts or insecurities hold you back. After all, love isn't something you can count on to happen again and again, right? So you give it your all while you can!
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When you fall in love, you don't lose sight of the bigger picture. Your bigger picture just changes to fit another person in it! You tend to imagine a future with the one you love even in the the early stages of knowing them, but that doesn't mean you pressure them when it comes to commitment. You only do this to plan your own life and to have your priorities set. You have one expectation, though: for the one you love to be your best friend! So that's exactly what you set out to achieve. Love according to zodiac


When you fall in love, Aquarius, you don't leave any stone unturned! You shower the one you love with affection and attention. For you, love is the ultimate thing and you actually believe that love in real life can be like a storybook romance! So all your actions and words become a bit gentler and you genuinely start thinking from the other’s point of view more often. Love according to zodiac


You, Pisces, are a very sensitive soul. When you fall in love, your whole world starts to revolve around this feeling. Little things that they do affect your mood and how your day goes is determined by how your interactions with the one you love go! You get lost in your own little world from time to time, but retain enough sense to not let anyone get the better of you! You're a lover, sure, but that's not ALL you are! Love according to zodiac Images: Giphy, Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: What Is Your Secret Weakness? Your Zodiac Reveals… MUST-READ: What Is YOUR Lucky Charm? Your Zodiac Says…