7 Things You Don’t Lose When You Lose Your Virginity

7 Things You Don’t Lose When You Lose Your Virginity
Something’s quite wrong with the phrase “losing your virginity” in itself, for it seems to put virginity on a higher pedestal and makes it sound like a prized possession that one “loses” when one has sex! And so here’s reminding you what you don’t "lose" when you choose to lose your virginity...

1. You don’t lose your “character”

It’s weird how some people in our society equate loss of virginity before marriage to "loose character" and after marriage to being "proper". A virgin may not be the nicest person you know, just like someone who’s having sex may be a really nice person - having sex or not having sex does not define your character as a human being.

losing your virginity

2.  Or your standards

Losing your virginity most definitely does not mean you lose all your senses and aren't able to choose the right partner(s) for yourself. Or that you have no standards when it comes to who you are in a relationship with and/ or go to bed with.

3. You most definitely don’t lose your “worth”

Society treats virginity is treated as a “prized possession” that actually adds to a woman’s worth, in terms of being a likely partner. But, ladies, you have to realize that you really don’t have to “save yourself” until marriage, just so that you would not be thought of as any less. And anyone who is as narrow minded enough to weigh your worth in terms of your sexual history is really not worth your time.

losing your virginity

4. Or your innocence!

Virginity is also treated as the passage to adulthood, and so it comes as no surprise that the loss of virginity is equated with a simultaneous loss of innocence too. Except that most of the time, when people do have sex for the first time in their lives - they are just young adults. And just because they’ve had sex, they do not magically become worldly adults overnight. Just like losing your virginity doesn’t make you a person with a “bad character”, neither does this one act turn you super mature. :-P


5. You don’t lose your dignity

It’s sexist how the loss of a guy’s virginity is looked at with admiration, while the loss of a woman’s virginity is looked down at - as a loss of her dignity. How can the same act make one more dignified and the other any less? These are double standards on the society’s part and completely baseless.

losing your virginity

6. Or your “morals”

You can be just as morally righteous after you have sex, as you were before it. The act of sex does not change the beliefs and thoughts that make you who you are - an unethical person remains so post sex, just as someone who is kind and sympathetic remains the same too. Losing your virginity doesn’t suddenly mean that you lose all your virtues.

7. And, most importantly, you don’t lose respect

You don’t (and shouldn't!) lose respect for yourself, nor do your friends have the right to hold you in any less regard if you choose to have sex with someone. Having sex simply means that you have exercised a personal choice that nobody else has a say in - and what you choose to do with your body is really nobody’s business.

losing your virginity


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