7 Little Things I Want To Do To Make My Relationship Happier!

7 Little Things I Want To Do To Make My Relationship Happier!
The boy and I have it pretty good together. But I’ve been thinking, and I feel like we could have it even better. And with very little effort too, without having to make any major life or personality changes. Here’s what I would love to do in my relationship - for my relationship.

1. Fight less, kiss more

Because we do fight, even if it's about silly things. Every time we start arguing, though, we should just stop and kiss instead! Let’s just skip the fights and do only the making up bit.

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2. Eat a meal together every day

Whether it's breakfast in bed, a quick sandwich lunch in between a workday or an order-pizza-in dinner, we should do this. Because detaching from all the crap that goes on in the world all day long and sharing food with the one you love - it's just the best.

3. Text less, speak more

We keep in touch all day long on text. But no emoji is ever as expressive as the smile in someone's voice. So instead of texting for half an hour, I'd rather just walk away from what I am doing, dial, and just talk for five minutes.


4. Just go on those little trips

We plan long vacations - bucket list destinations that we've both wanted to visit forever. And then we end up pushing those back because of something or the other. Less planning and more action is what we really need. Let's just drive out on Saturdays, or just hop on to a train, and see where we end up at. :-)

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5. Go out less, hang out more

It's great to go out with, especially when we're with friends. But then we sometimes forget to spend any “us time” together - just us. Let's just stay in somedays, doing nothing in particular except hanging out with each other.

6. Find that “you and me” hobby

He likes playing cricket. I like dancing. And we both accompany each other to these things. But we need a thing that we both love - and love more because we do it with each other. Maybe painting, maybe karate…but it's high time we found it!

7. Buy less stuff, make more memories

We buy each other presents all the time. Sometimes they’re for birthdays and the other big occasions, sometimes just random things. But what we ignore sometimes is that a gift is about more than an object - it’s about the act of giving, and the love behind it. What we need to be gifting each other are experiences - shared smiles, shared happiness. Let’s have more of this, yeah?

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