6 Annoying (But True) Things EVERY Girl Will Relate To!

6 Annoying (But True) Things EVERY Girl Will Relate To!
There are some annoying situations in life that all of us girls face but never really put them down in words or find the right way to respond to. Enter Bakchod Begum, who seems to be doing that for us! While also being totally entertaining and hilarious!

1. We all get a bit flustered around the guy we have a crush on… But that doesn't mean we can't carry out full-blown interesting conversations!

bakchod begum 4

2. And when boys complain about "too much makeup"... ALL it really makes us want to do is tie them to a chair and give them a makeover!

bakchod begum 5

3. It isn't just Begum, we all love winter for this very reason! No waxing appointments every month… We're dreading summer already!

bakchod begum 1

4. And then we get that annoying zit which looks innocent enough until it starts to multiply by the dozen!

bakchod begum 3

5. Don't we all just hate (and by hate we obviously mean secretly love) it when we go out for a salad and end up ordering a chocolate cake?

bakchod begum 2

6. And the MOST annoying questions that us girls get asked almost on a daily basis! Now we know how to shut those people up.

bakchod begum 6

Images: Bakchod Begum on Facebook

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